Physiotherapy of Paul Makambi Kitha, Abidjan

Paul-Kitha-Abidjan-2014We wish to inform you that Kitha’s health is improving. He started the process of reeducation on Wednesday the 27th August. He will be doing that every two days i.e three times a week. Consequently, Paul will not be able to do the annual 8 day’s retreat with his fellow third year students. This is to allow him continue his reeducation process (physiothérapie) at a normal pace. He will nevertheless do the retreat in our formation house (La Fratenité Lavigerie) at the same time as others will be doing it in some other place. His retreat will be directed by Father Benoît Mwananyembo, a visiting priest, who is in mission in the Maghreb (Algeria). We continue asking for your prayers.
United in Christ.
Yours faithfully, Paul Kitha Makambi
Pictures: Humphrey Mukuka

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Paul Kitha’s knee operation in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire


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