Home Coming, by Adrien Sawadogo, M.Afr

Adrien-Sawadogo-2014When I left Zambia in 2011 for a three years’ Arabic and Islamic studies, I hoped to come back to the Zambian sector after completion. However, at the end of my studies, I received a new appointment that took me to the West African province in view of heading the Institute for Islamo-Christian Formation (IFIC) in Bamako in Mali. The day I received my appointment, I felt a deep need for coming back to the Zambian sector as to be able to leave and be totally present in Mali. I made the request and was blessed with the favour from my new province to come back to Zambia and visit the places and people that I love and carry dearly in my heart. From the day I landed in Lusaka, I was healed from the shock of the surprised appointment and I was already ready to go. Now that I have been able to pay a visit to Kitwe my place of stage, Nyimba my first term of missionary experience and Lumimba my last pastoral home before studies, I may say that Home coming has been a healing remedy; I am now ready to take up my new appointment whole heartedly. And so, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the SAP Provincial and his Secretary for facilitating my entry to Zambia, for their warm welcome to the province; my sincere gratitude to the Zambian Sector Delegate for the warm and fraternal welcome given me during the whole of my stay. My gratitude to all the confreres I met and to the Zambian people and Zambia. We remain united in fraternal love and in mission. You are all invited to Mali, to IFIC.
Adrien Sawadogo, M.Afr

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