New Constitution, Better Lives for all – Zambia

Grand Coalition New Constitution Mulungushi 2014 06The Great Coalition for a People-Driven Constitution organised a major event at Mulungushi International Conference Centre on the 30th August 2014 under the theme: New Constitution, Better Lives for all.
The Panellists drove the attention of about 300 people representing every Province of the country calling for the new constitution to be made public and approved through a referendum before the next general election in 2016. The Panellists were from various Churches and the Islamic Supreme Council of Zambia, from the Labour Movement, the Disability Movement, the Women’s Movement, the Youth Movement and Students Movement. A political leader spoke also on behalf of the 16 Political Parties existing in Zambia. Dr. V.J. Mwaanga, former well-known Politician gave also a solidarity speech encouraging the Coalition to increase its mobilisation drive in favour of a People-Driven Constitution. Father Cleophas Lungu form the Zambian Episcopal Conference concluded the speeches on behalf of Oasis Forum.

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Attack on a peaceful gathering of several civil society organisations in a church – Lusaka

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Press Statement by the Oasis Forum – 20th Feb 2014

The Post LogoZambians should hold politicians to account – Mwaanga
Vernon Mwaanga says Zambians should awaken and begin to hold politicians accountable for their promises.
And Fr Cleophas Lungu said Zambians need to bring into question the integrity of their leaders when they renege on their promises.  
In his solidarity speech at the grand coalition for a people-driven constitution meeting in Lusaka on Saturday, Mwaanga said politicians should honour their promises.
“Far too long, we have allowed politicians as Zambians to go scot-free on promises they make. The PF promised to accord Zambians a new constitution but to date, nothing seems forthcoming. We don’t have the draft constitution yet and we don’t even know where it is,” the veteran politician said. “Zambians should awaken and hold politicians to account for their promises. If PF does not keep their promises, in 2016, it will face brunt consequences.”
Vernon-MwaangaMwaanga said it was not correct for the government to advance reasons of cost for the delay in the constitution-making process.
“When the PF made a promise to deliver a new constitution, obviously they knew that the exercise is costly. Indeed democracy is costly,” said Mwaanga.
And Fr Lungu, in his address on behalf of the Oasis Forum, said it was sad that politicians liked using falsehoods to deceive Zambians.
“We need to begin bringing into question the integrity of our leaders when they make promises. They come with falsehoods and make promises but make political U-turns when in government,” he said.
“Let’s state here that the day of reckoning is surely coming. The government should respect the will of Zambians in their demand for a people-driven constitution… I would therefore, like to warn the PF that God is watching. Let’s cast out fear as Zambians. Let’s not be afraid of going to prison for demanding for a people-driven constitution. Great liberation is demanding and is a costly affair.”
Fr Lungu said Zambians should mobilise and campaign peacefully to press the government to release the draft constitution.

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