Death of Robert Gagnon

Robert Gagnon 2014 copieRobert Gagnon 1958 copieLieutenant Colonel (retired), Robert Gagnon passed away at the age of 81 after a short illness, on June 28, 2014 at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.
Bob was ordained a ‘White Father of Africa’ in 1958 (01-02-1958) and served as a missionary in Malawi for 8 years. He then served as an RC Chaplin in the Canadian Forces on numerous bases until his retirement in 1992.
The Funeral took place on the 2nd July 2014 and a Memorial Mass was held on Thursday July 3rd in St. Joseph’s Church, Ottawa, Canada.
See the PDF file for more details
“Life is good.” That phrase popped out of Bob Gagnon’s mouth so often, it struck many people as a “have-a-nice day” pleasantry. But those close to Bob knew that his habitual greeting meant something. His words were a purposeful affirmation that good will ultimately prevail, and that, as one friend noted at his wake, “Life is inherently good, worth the effort, and worth preserving.”

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