FENZA Course 18th – 29th August 2014

Logo FENZAFENZA logo 02Welcome to Zambia 2014

A FENZA Course to help you deepen

your understanding of the cultural, religious,

economic and social dynamics in Zambia

WHEN:  18th – 29th August 2014 from Monday to Friday starting at 9:00 till 12:30 hours
WHERE:  Faith and Encounter Centre (FENZA), Bauleni, Lusaka
PRESENTERS:  FENZA resource persons and specialists in their fields
Faith and Encounter Centre Zambia (FENZA) warmly invites you to attend its unique initiation to Zambian way of life course entitled “Welcome to Zambia”.
Understand the cultural values of Zambian society!
Expand your historical and contemporary knowledge of Zambia!
Gain confidence to live and work in Zambia!
This workshop covers pre-colonial and colonial history, politics and economics of Zambia, today’s cost of living, basic rules of behaviour, traditional kinship and family structures, chieftaincy, initiation rites, traditional healers, Satanism, witchcraft, religions and Churches in Zambia, the reality of street children, HIV/AIDS.
This seminar is for anyone who wishes to widen her or his appreciation of the social-economic, cultural and religious dynamics in Zambia.
  1. Empowerment to face the challenge of Zambian cultures struggling with modernity.
  2. Hand-outs and material related to topics.
COST: K 1,000 per participant.
Romaric BationoWe look forward to seeing you at FENZA together with other participants from all over the world.
Very kind regards,
Fr Romaric Bationo, M.Afr, Director of FENZA

Link to FENZA

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