Death of relatives of Paul Namono, M.Afr

Paul NamonoDear All,
At the moment Paul Namono is attending the Session for Confrères in their Second Term of Mission, in Kumasi, Ghana. 
Over the last few days, when Paul was on his way to the meeting, he sent us very sad news. Paul’s cousin Namono Bienvenu was in Form 4.  A month ago he complained of stomach pains but despite all the treatment he received it did not help and he passed away the 4th July and was buried on the 5th. Then yesterday Paul gave us news of the death of Namono Pele, his uncle and younger brother of his father.  Pele had lived in Ivory Cost for a long time.  Before leaving Lilongwe Paul phoned Pele and he did not mentioned anything about his sickness. Then when Paul was on his way to Kumasi he received a message from his sister that Pele was very sick. Two days later on the 9th July he died. 
Please let us remember Paul and his family in our prayers.  Maliro nkulirana!
May Bienvenu and Pele rest in peace.
Yours in Christ,
Bill Turnball, M.Afr

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