SAP Blog has reached 30000 hits

MAFRSAP LOGO 02From the very start, the SAP Blog has attracted the interest of thousands of readers. The first 10,000 hits was reached on June 11, 2013, followed by its 20,000 hits in December 2013 to finally reached 30,000 hits by June 06, 2014. April 2013 and January 2014 saw the highest number of hits amounting to 2500. Only in the first week of June 2014, we have already reached 500 hits. The average hits per day was 56 in 2013 and is currently 59 this year.
We wish our faithful readers to send more news and express their views either by rating the articles below each title or by leaving a comment at the appropriate place called “Leave a comment”.
Thanks for your faithfulness.
Here below the summary since the launching of SAP Blog:
Home page / Archives7,928 hits
About us464 hits
Motomoto Echo April 2013450 hits
Zambian Kwacha rebasing; the new currency in Zambia444 hits
Motomoto Echo437 hits
Our confreres in Zambia422 hits
Formation Centres337 hits
Third Graduation Ceremony of DMI Catholic University in Zambia300 hits
Kitwe Parish, Zambia287 hits
Funeral of the parents of Father Phelim Malumo in Mongu, Zambia  – 252 hits
Motomoto Echo February 2013, No 1248 hits
Tragic death of Martinus Balemans245 hits
Fr. Patrick Chisanga OFM Conventual; new Bishop of Mansa241 hits
Kungoni Centre236 hits
Motomoto Echo magazine – December 2013231 hits
Motomoto Echo February 2014219 hits
SAP Vocation animation217 hits
Antislavery Campaign215 hits
FENZA211 hits

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