Oath and Diaconate – Jerusalem 2014

Yoro Kabore ADiaconate Invitation aGreetings from SFG – Jérusalem. We have the joy of announcing you the taking of the Missionary Oath by our brother Léon Yoro Kabore and his diaconate ordination that will take place tomorrow 7th June 2014 and Sunday 8th June 2014 respectively. We ask you to remember Léon in your prayers.        
Invitation card
Chers tous!
Salutations depuis PGF-Jérusalem. Nous avons la joie de vous faire part du Serment Missionnaire qui sera prononcé par notre frère Léon Yoro Kabore et son ordination diaconale qui auront lieu demain le 7 juin 2014 et le dimanche, 8 juin 2014 respectivement. Nous confions Léon à vos prières.

See link: http://www.ratisbonnesdb.net/RC/ 

One thought on “Oath and Diaconate – Jerusalem 2014

  1. Susan Thiel

    Hello Leon. This is Susan Thiel, Spencer’s mom. Greg and I met you in Burkina Faso and your family graciously had us for lunch. Periodically I’ve asked Spencer about you. I am happy you have become a priest. Sincerely, Susan

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