Home leave of Bro. Clenerius Mutale Chimpali in Zambia

By Bro. Clenerius Mutale Chimpali, M.Afr
My home leave started on the 20th November 2013 to end up on the 17th February 2014. It was a time of good rest, encounter with friends and family members and above all a time of discovery whereby I found the sacredness in my daily life at home as much as with neighbors, friends and confreres.
It was very gratifying to be welcomed so well by the provincial community in Lusaka, Kawama community in Kitwe, two Missionaries communities in Kasama and the Lualuo formation house. Indeed the Bemba people would say ‘Uwakwesha Ubushiku, bamutasha ngabwacha!’ and ‘uushitasha, mwana wandoshi!’
I felt at home as I gained wisdom from our senior most confreres. I could also refresh my memories with my fellow young confreres whom we met during formation time.
I got the opportunity to be closer to my elderly father of 81 years old. I felt so touch whenever I saw him actively farming which prompted me to join him. This old man could still wake up at 5:30 am to work.
I also enjoyed the memorial service of my late Mother on the 16th December which brought many family members and friends together. The unveiling of the tombstone refreshed our good memories with our mother. At the same time, it gave us a sense of strength and unity, responsibility, hardworking, forgiving one another and loving one another as we remembered mom’s common key phrases.
Another interesting occasion of my holidays was the invitation by the Sector Superior to attend the Sector Assembly. Thanks to Fr. Oswald, the Sector Assembly was an eye opener, a time of encounter and frank talk with new confreres.
An occasion in Kasamba enabled me to visit my cherished brother’s family and my friend Fr. Kamunenge. On the 26th January 2014, I was part at the Parish of those who ushered the chosen new Bishop of Mansa. It was like a triumphant entry as people danced with braches, singing and welcoming Father Patrick Chisanga OMF from the road side.
Musonda FallsMy visit to Mansa town was so great. I had good time with friends whom I met a long time ago. It gave me an opportunity to visit Musonda Fall and Musonda technical secondary school. As an electrician, I profited from my visit to Musonda to go to the electric power station which was so interesting.
Finally, I was among the multitude of people who witnessed Bishop Patrick Chisanga ordination in Mansa on the 1st February. It was a moving experience and a time to enjoy Safya Beach.
Indeed my home leave was restful, enjoyable, made me feel closer to my family and friends and above all gave me a home touch. Allow me to use Anais Nin’s words: “Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
Many Thanks to all, God bless you.
Pray for me as I go back to the mission in Ghana-Nigeria Province in Tamale-Ghana.

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