CfSC Press Review of 2013, Malawi

CfSC Press Review Jan 2014Without Hope Where Would We Be
Looking back over the year we try to name it, sum it up in one title or sentence. One of our newspapers speaks of: ‘the year of clapping hands to mediocrity’ (E. Chitsulo, Nation 21 December 2013). It is only a few weeks ago that we buried Nelson Mandela. We did because almost the whole world was somehow assisting at his funeral, He showed the world what real leadership is like. His passage shows the opposite of mediocrity. He was a good human being, a great leader. In our Malawi we have difficulty to identify someone like him. We chose leaders who all have given a sense of hope, a sense of ‘now things shall change for the better’.
But we were deceived very soon. Kamuzu Banda led a group of capable young people who were intent on building a Malawi to be proud of. But soon Banda took over, did away with those companions of the first hour and became a dictator imposing his will in such a way that a book about human Rights in Malawi was given the title: ‘Where Silence Reigns’. In spite of this Malawians continued to clap hands and dance for him. For some thirty years. 
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