Death of Father Roland Jenrenaud in Switzerland

Dear confreres,
Father Roland Jeanrenaud died on 24th January 2014 at 5.40 p.m. at the home cared for by the Sisters of Saint-Paul in Fribourg at the age of 86.
He has been missionary in Zambia and in Switzerland.
Let us pray for him and for his relatives.
Fraternally yours
Bro. Clemens Nadler sec.
roland_jeanrenaud_pngNat.: Suisse
Diocèse d’origine : Fribourg
NAISSANCE : Genève 24/08/1927
Année Spirituelle: Maison-Carrée 29/09/1948
Serment: Thibar 26/06/1951
Prêtrise: Carthage 12/04/1952
Quelques livres qu’il a écrits
L’Evangile dans le désordre 156 pages – prix: € :10 – 2000
Paraboles à contre-jour 160 pages 18 € 2003
Visages et Regards 2003: 140 pages 20€
« Allo ! Jésus ? Pourquoi tu réponds pas ? » 2004 120 pages, prix € 19.00,
Jalons de la vie missionnaire du Père Roland Jeanrenaud
01/09/1952 St Maurice, Suisse
01/06/1953 Fort Rosebery N. Rhodesia (Zambia)
08/02/1954 Twingi 
22/09/1956 Lubwe 
27/02/1958 Chibote 
10/06/1961 Fort Rosebery 
01/01/1965 Ec.Dioc.Adjoint Fort Rosebery, Zambia
10/09/1968 Econome Diocésain Mansa 
01/01/1974 Vic.Gén.+Ec.Dioc. Mansa 
01/01/1985 Cath.Secretariate Lusaka 
10/06/1987 Session-Retraite Jérusalem 
01/12/1987 Judicial Vicar Chilubula, D.Kasama, Zambia
15/06/1995 Nommé en Sse PE.95/7 Suisse
10/09/1995 Econome Provincial Fribourg, Suisse
01/04/1997 Secrétaire Provinc. Fribourg 
15/09/1999 Session +70 Roma 
12/04/2000 Rédact.Suisse-Afriqu Fribourg, Suisse
30/05/2000 Elu Conseiller Provincial
01/09/2013 Résidence H.C.: Fribourg, Suisse
24-01-2014 Retour au Seigneur à Fribourg, Suisse

JCTR Press Release 21th January 2014

JCTR Lusaka2013 Showed a Mixed Picture in Economic Performance
The year 2013 had its ups and downs in terms of the cost of living as measured by the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection’s (JCTR’s) Basic Needs Basket.  A continued concern for the JCTR in 2013 is the persistently high cost of living. In 2013, the high cost of living stemmed mainly from high food prices. As a faith based organisation, to see the poor access their basic needs and rights, such as the right to food, is cardinal to improving living conditions and hence reducing poverty in Zambia. FULL TEXT 

Word of Gratitude form Lebombo Parish, South Africa

Lebombo Parish logoOn behalf of the Parish Pastoral Council and Fr. Crispin Vungwa, I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the great support shown to us on the occasion of the untimely demise of Father Sebastien Ndrutsomi.   
Thank  you  for  the  gift  of  your  love,  sacrifice,  time  and  your  commitment  to  show solidarity and comfort to us.  Happiness is not found at the end of the journey but it is found as we plough along day after day with what God puts on our path.  The Parish was very united during these trying times and it is with renewed vigour that we will continue with the building of the Kingdom of God in our Lebombo community.  
May  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  and  His  Blessed  Mother  hold  you  their  loving  embrace and bless you abundantly.  

Jean-Pierre Le Scour


You remain in our thoughts and prayers.
Fr. JPM Le Scour, M.Afr


First Lady Lays First Stone for New Cathedral in Goma, DRCongo

By Evan Chama, Goma, M.Afr
First Lady laysMadam Marie Olive Lembe, wife of the President of the Republic of Democratic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, laid the first stone for the construction of the new Cathedral for the diocese of Goma, East of Congo.
This took place on Sunday, 19th January 2014, after the mass presided by the Bishop of Goma, Theophile Kaboy, at the site of the construction.
Construction of the Cathedral, a still-born project for years, has received new impetus thanks to the First Lady who has taken a leading role in raising funds. Last year, 11th September, Madam Olive made a pilgrimage to Rome where she met Pope Francis and commended Congo to his prayers for peace in the country. In the letter she addressed to the Pope Madam Olive also promised to commit herself, together with Catholics of Goma, to construct a new Cathedral.
Since then, she has been tirelessly knocking on the doors of various business houses in Congo, members of her family, friends and politicians for donations. At the ceremony, she was able to present to the bishop what she had so far collected, an undisclosed sum that amounts to the 45% of the total budget.
The First Lady challenged the faithful not to fold arms in the illusion that she alone will source the funds. She will certainly continue to do her part, but every Christian was supposed to work hard and put in whatever little they have. That is why she described the boldness to begin this project in the midst of limited funds as “an act of faith” that however will be realized with the help of God himself and with the determination of everyone.
The need for new Cathedral rose when the old one was burnt down by the volcano that erupted on 17th January in 2002. The cathedral will be constructed at a site some 10 km in the outskirts of Goma, in an area called Keshero, following the expansion pattern of the town of Goma.
The old Cathedral whose walls remained intact is also under renovation, thanks to one well-wisher who was concerned about the desecration of this holy place that remained abandoned and transformed into a training ground for karate and judo. Marketeers also used the area for drying foodstuffs for sale. Once the renovation is completed, the bishop announced, this old Cathedral will be a lieu for perpetual adoration.
Appreciating that Madam Olive Lembe is staunch and prayerful Catholic, the bishop gave her a gift of a breviary –a book for daily prayer used mainly by priests and religious.
The new Cathedral will be called “Our Lady of Peace” (Maria, Mama wa Amani). The First Lady is also called Mary, the bishop made the allusion.

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CfSC Press Review of 2013, Malawi

CfSC Press Review Jan 2014Without Hope Where Would We Be
Looking back over the year we try to name it, sum it up in one title or sentence. One of our newspapers speaks of: ‘the year of clapping hands to mediocrity’ (E. Chitsulo, Nation 21 December 2013). It is only a few weeks ago that we buried Nelson Mandela. We did because almost the whole world was somehow assisting at his funeral, He showed the world what real leadership is like. His passage shows the opposite of mediocrity. He was a good human being, a great leader. In our Malawi we have difficulty to identify someone like him. We chose leaders who all have given a sense of hope, a sense of ‘now things shall change for the better’.
But we were deceived very soon. Kamuzu Banda led a group of capable young people who were intent on building a Malawi to be proud of. But soon Banda took over, did away with those companions of the first hour and became a dictator imposing his will in such a way that a book about human Rights in Malawi was given the title: ‘Where Silence Reigns’. In spite of this Malawians continued to clap hands and dance for him. For some thirty years. 
Full Text

Interview with Phoebe Kilby

Phoebe-Kilby-dsCOMING TO THE TABLEA Story of Racial Healing
Phoebe Kilby began her work in racial reconciliation in 2007, when she first contacted Betty Kilby Fisher (Baldwin) on Martin Luther King Day. Phoebe’s ancestors were enslavers in the United States prior to 1865; Betty is descended from the persons that Phoebe’s family once enslaved. Since that time Phoebe has become a leader in the Coming to the Table organization, which seeks to fulfil Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream “that the sons of former slave owners and sons of former slaves will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”  Coming to the Table (CTTT) is profiled at:
Coming to the bablePhoebe and Betty have told their story and lead workshops and dialogues on racial reconciliation across the United States. They continue to assist others interested in improving race relations in their communities.