Message from our Superior General to Bishop Sandri, South Africa

Letter Sup Gen to Bishop SATo: Bishop Giuseppe Sandri, MCCJ,
Diocese of Witbank, South Africa
My Lord,         
Greetings of peace for the New Year 2014!
I   write  on   behalf   of  the   General  Council    of  the   Missionaries    of  Africa,  to  thank    you wholeheartedly   for  message   of   condolences   and   for  the   accompaniment   you   offered   to   our confrères in Lebombo as they mourned the sudden and tragic loss of our confrère, Fr. Sébastien Ndrustomi.   Fr.   Philippe   Docq,   the   Delegate   Superior,   did   keep   us   informed   of   the everything that was going on and we could see your pastoral care to them in these trying moments.
Thank you for the consoling and challenging homily you gave at the funeral of Fr Sébastien and for   welcoming   him   to   rest   with   his   fellow   pastoral   workers   in the diocesan cemetery. We do appreciate this final gesture that seals his belonging in a unique way.
May God continue to bless you in your ministry.
We keep you in our prayers and thank you in advance for yours for us.
Fr. Richard Kuuia Baawobr, M.Afr
Superior General
Reply of the Bishop of WitbankBishop Joe Sandri

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