Wining prize for Dieudonné Rizinde, Zambia

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Our confrere Dieudonné took part in a competition organised by the magazine The Tablet in UK presented in the edition of June 2013, 01. He wrote an essay on the theme; Protecting Creation Means ‘Respecting Each of God’s Creature’ (Pope Francis) Why and How?
We congratulate him for this second win as he won a similar competition few years ago hoping that he will do it again. The essay is to be published in a near future. We give you in exclusivity the privilege to read his essay by clicking on the following PDF file.
Or Internet link: 
The Ark The Ark 02

Competition The Tablet

Message sent from England; “Dear Fr Dieudonné, thank you for your email, and particularly the letter which I received this week with the photographs and news. It was such a good idea to send it via someone returning to the UK. Now I have some good news for you! You have once again done well in the essay competition, coming joint first, and while we would normally split the prize 50/50, the other recipient is 
happy that we split it 40/60. I know you will find good uses for your prize!  With all good wishes, Debora.”
The Ark 03 Rizinde

2 thoughts on “Wining prize for Dieudonné Rizinde, Zambia

  1. Charles Obanya

    CONGRATULATIONS upon your good work. I am happy to see that you have sustained interest in the integrity of creation issues. I am also happy that you can still spare time to reflect and write while in the context of Parish work. We look forward to reading more of your work in future.
    Happy New Year.
    Charles Obanya, Provincial EAP

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