What is so “golden” about Zambia’s jubilee? Asks Oasis Forum!

Oasis Forum LogoOver 70 people from various Churches, NGO’s and the media responded to the invitation of Oasis Forum for a Press Conference which took place at the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) in Lusaka on the 8th January 2014 at 9:30 hours. The theme of the conference was about the kind of political leadership Zambia needs in the coming Year of its Golden Jubilee, 50th year of independence.
The panellists did not hesitate to use straight forward words: “poor political governance”, “we need a clear vision”, “we expect changes in governance”, “we are experiencing a leadership of abuse aiming at personal interests”, “we need now a people driven constitution”, “mediocrity will not be accepted”, “we want to celebrate a Jubilee without fear”, “the new constitution has to be brought to a referendum in 2014”, “the actual constitutional review is not transparent”, “time has come to unite”, “we need to strategize peacefully the best way to force the Government to take up its promises to come out with a new constitution”, “we are determined to fight and get what we want”, “we are at a crossroad”, “the new constitution is a moral issue to be preached from the pulpit in all our churches”, “let’s arise!”.
Reporter: Serge St-Arneault, M.Afr
As we soldier on in this Golden Jubilee Year in Zambia, kindly find herewith attached a Press Statement from the Oasis Forum with regard to the constitution making process in Zambia and lack of true leadership by successive regimes.
Wishing you God’s continued guidance and many blessings in the New Year 2014.
Fr. Cleophas Lungu
The year 2014 marks Zambia’s Golden Jubilee having attained independence in 1964. Reflections on the quality of political governance experienced throughout this period clearly shows that this country’s development has been consistently undermined by a self-centred political leadership. The current PF government has not been any different and has gone further to exhibit a less than high calibre of leadership. For this reason, the Oasis Forum would like to state the following and urges all Zambians, especially the political elite, to seriously ponder on these messages: … FULL TEXT

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 Further link: After 50 years of independence a constitution focused on popular sovereignty is needed
Or see the PDF Document

5 thoughts on “What is so “golden” about Zambia’s jubilee? Asks Oasis Forum!

  1. Peter Chungu

    Abambo Lungu,
    Indeed the prophetic voices have spoken keep it ablaze,….
    We cannot afford to keep quiet enough is enough – previous governments and current one have all been taking us for granted. It is my sincere prayer that the jubilee celebrations – year of cleansing shall usher in new leadership that shall serve the people with dignity and respect – the servant leaders that the country needs so much….
    We are tired of the low calibre leadership of savage vigilante and dictatorship wasting time and resources suppressing divergent views instead of serving our great nation to be where it is supposed to be in terms of socio-political and economic development – but now look at us we have reached a huge crisis.
    I am also of the firm view that what is happening in our country now is the necessary evil for it shall help us to cleanse our nation and get a people centered and people driven constitution which shall hold Zambians accountable to respect and uphold the tenets of democratic constitution….
    Let us unite and redeem our nation … If God is with us who can be against us,..
    P. Chungu

  2. Japhet Mbewe

    Dear Fr. Cleophas,
    Below was what I wrote in response to the political violence that had taken place at that time in Livingstone. Unfortunately, it was never sent but I feel that what the forum is demanding makes a sharper comment on such past experiences. What my thoughts then were is given in edited form below:
    I agree with the statements and sentiments expressed above. In my humble opinion, a lot hinges on and should start with the “separation of powers”. As long as this is not worked on and the mentality of the PIG (party and its government) continues – whereby there is no distinction between the party in power and the government – we will always have abuses by the executive arm of government and the party in power. It is not enough to think that because the current party is behaving itself all is fine. It should not even be a question of we us not have issues with an incumbent. The constitution should protect us regardless of who is in power. We should not be at the mercy or whim of the person holding the office.
    My point is that if we make a good constitution and hold the powers that be to whats in it (among other things it should limit the powers of the president and make certain bodies more professional and independent and not answerable to him or appointed by him), we may be able to see sanity return. The police need not fear to act professionally (although the idea of the police chief being totally independent of the president may be a pipe dream) if their hiring and firing is limited to professional bodies who are govern by procedures and evidences. I feel that the experiences we go through as a nation are opportunities for us correct what is not right in our society. The violence we have witnessed in the recent past simply asks the question of what the constitution says. How are different bodies guided in order for them to better protect or serve the people in their care? How are the politicians guided so as not to take their people for granted? How is the process of accountability and responsibility enhanced so that the people are not taken for granted?
    These were my thoughts then and I forward them now wishing to comment on the tone of the statement. I think that the statement makes it clear that we should guard the constitution like ‘priceless gems’. That is how valuable it is to us. It is indeed a pity that when politicians ascend to positions of power they all of a sudden become infallible and cannot be advised. It is equally sad if we do not take advantage of such opportunities as the constitutional making process as our God given rights (rather than privileges given to us by the powers that be) to leave a better legacy for the future. Viva the voice of the people. Let the people’s voice never be silenced.
    Fr. Japhet Mbewe

  3. Daniel Muba Kashimoto

    The incident makes sad reading and situation calls upon each one of us to seriously reflect on our attitude towards our political alliances. Livingstone is just the beginning, and if we do not together take steps to make Zambia a non-violent nation more lives are likely to be lost.
    God bless Mother Zambia and kindly protect from selfish people!
    Daniel Muba Kashimoto

    1. Peter Chungu

      To my Brother priests, Religious, and God’s people,
      I also conquer with Fr Kashimoto we ought to seriously reflect and especially for us who are in the leadership of serving the faithful people of God.
      As a nation we cannot afford such events of losing human life due to political leaders failing to show tolerance of divergent views. As a Church I would presume we need to stand united in prayer and also continue to be the voice of reason regardless of our political preferences but rather urge the One Justice; One equality; One good governance for the One common good of the citizenry to prevail and in turn to be able to live side by side without any political intimidation, harassment by state security agencies, nor compromise of the democratic principles of choice by every citizen to either belong or associate themselves with particular organizations or voice their own opinion any matter that concerns our beloved nation…
      We cannot afford our beloved country to become a case study about Africa’s failed State of Affairs…We used to hear of political violence in other countries but today it is right in our own back yards. Our own families, relatives, friends are at the centre of these wanton behavior of perpetuating violence in our country. It is seemingly becoming a “culture” that whenever there is by-election life should be lost….! “Evil thrives when good men and women do nothing”….
      It is time that we show leadership and hold firm in The Lord especially this time of Lent which calls us to serious prayer, fasting- and almsgiving; above all to seek God’s forgiveness and strength to continue serving him. Lent season also challenges us to revive our Faith in Action….
      May The Lord continue to bless our beloved great nation and restore our country’s known values as a beacon of peace and hope to so many countries in Africa and the world….
      Peter Chungu

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