Funerals of Father Sébastien Ndrutsomi in South Africa

Bishop Joe Sandri_modifié-1According to Jean-Pierre Le Scour and Chrispin Vungwa, it was the will of Sébastien that he should be buried on the Parish grounds in Kamhlushwa near the grotto, would the unlikely event of his death occur. Unfortunately, it has happened. But after consulting with the Sector Council of South Africa, the Provincial of SAP Christopher Chileshe and the Bishop Joe Sandri, the programme for the burial of Sébastien has been re-arranged as follows.
On Friday evening the 10th January and through the night, there will be a Prayer Vigil for Sébastien at Kamhlushwa. At around 5am on Saturday morning, a memorial service will be held. The body will then be taken to Maria Trost Diocesan Centre where a solemn Funeral Mass will be presided over by Bishop Sandri, assisted by our Provincial if he can make it, at around 10am. Sébastien will then be laid to rest in the Diocesan cemetery. The people from the community of Kamhlushwa who wish to accompany Sebastien to the cemetery are invited to hire a bus. A financial contribution could be asked from the people but the Missionaries of Africa are willing to pay to the costs. 
Dear Jean-Pierre, Chrispin and Samuel, we keep you in our prayers. We are all affected by the sudden death of our brother Sébastien but you are certainly more affected than anybody else. Be strong. 
Philippe Docq 2012The provincial from PAC, Placide Lubamba, is in communion with us. A memorial
Mass will take place in DRCongo at the same time as our funeral Mass meaning at about 9am local time in Congo. A message using SMS will be sent at the very moment when Mass is starting.
Let us continue to thank God for all that Sébastien was for many people, being the zealous missionary we know of him. Let us pray for his family back in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Let us pray for our confreres of Lebombo who will feel bitterly his absence. May he rest in peace!
Philippe Docq, M.Afr
Raymond McQuarrie 2Latest news from Raymond A. McQuarrie, M.Afr.
Yesterday evening at 5pm we celebrated Mass in St. Kizito church in Kamhlushwa in memory of our dear brother Sébastien. The church was completely full, and one could see and feel the real sense of loss and sorrow among the people.  Many local priests attended and the Mass was presided over by Fr. Protas Zwane, the Vicar General in Witbank Diocese.
The Community of Lebombo asked me if I would be able to do the homily for the Memorial Mass. I felt truly privileged to be asked to do this and I thank the Community for affording me this honour.
As we celebrated our Lord Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection in the Memorial Mass, we also celebrated the life of our dear brother Sébastien, despite the deep sadness and grief we all felt. Emotions were very high.
We read out some of the beautiful words of consolation from Bishop Sandri’s e-mail as we celebrate the Epiphany, the manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ among us. He offered this comfort that our brother Sébastien now experiences, in the peace of Christ, that great vision.
The Confreres and entire parish are in shock, but people are rallying together around their priests in busy preparation of the ceremonies for our brother Sébastien’s final farewell.
With every good wish and God bless.
On behalf of the Southern Africa Province
Our condolences to all our confreres of South Africa, especially Jean-Pierre Le Scour, Affian Samuel Affoumane and Chrispin Vungwa of Lebombo.
Serge St-Arneault, M.Afr, Provincial Secretary
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6 thoughts on “Funerals of Father Sébastien Ndrutsomi in South Africa

  1. Denis Walsh

    En union avec toute la province SAP, nous (Noviciat à Bobo, Burkina) sommes de cœur avec vous tous dans cette triste épreuve.
    Nos sincères condoléances!
    Bon courage à vous tous!
    Notre prière vous accompagne et qu’elle puisse vous apporter réconfort!
    Bien fraternellement!
    Denis Walsh

  2. John ITARU. M.Afr

    After having spent 10 days in the devastated city of Tacloban (the most affected city by the typhoon where more that 5,000 people died) with Fazenda Community here in the Philippines, I am sad to read the News of the sudden death of our dear confrere Sebastien! I do not know him personally, but what is been said about his missionary zeal calls my attention that we have a lost not only a confrere but an asset when it comes to mission! May his soul rest in peace!

  3. Paul Hannon

    It was with great sadness and shock that we received the news of the tragic and sudden death of Fr. Sébastien. As you prepare for his funeral, be assured of the prayerful support of all the confreres of the sector of Great Britain and my fraternal condolences.
    Please convey our deep sympathy to his family.
    Paul Hannon, M.Afr
    Provincial Delegate Great Britain

  4. Georges Jacques

    Dear confreres in South Africa
    The four formators of Abidjan were in Nairobi for the meeting of the fourth phase formators. It is when we reach Abidjan that we heard about the sad news of the death of our confrere Sébastien. Since then, at each Eucharistic celebration, we have prayed for him, for his family and for you. May the good Lord welcome his faithful servant and give you all a deep consolation.
    I discovered on Intranet that I was the one who received the oath of Sébastien in Kinshasa. Another reason for me to pray with you for the repose of his soul. We will be united with you all on Friday.
    May God bless you all.
    Georges Jacques

  5. The Poor Clares

    Dear Father Chileshe and all the Fathers and Brothers,
    Our sincere condolences to you all. We want to assure you our prayers during this sad and tragic loss of Father Sebastian. May his soul rest in eternal peace as he now prays for each one of you.
    With heartfelt prayerful condolences,
    Your Poor Clare Sisters in Lusaka, Zambia
    The Poor Clares

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