Tragic car accident of Sébastien Ndrutsomi in South Africa

Sebastien_Ndrutsomi_02By Philippe Docq, M.Afr
We do not know too much of what really happened. Apparently, Sébastien went out very early on Sunday morning, responding to a call from one of his fellow Congolese friends who was in trouble with his own car. On the way, Sébastien lost the control of his car, which rolled over. Sébastien was later transported to hospital but was declared dead upon arrival to hospital. The body will only be released by the police after autopsy, probably on Wednesday or Thursday.
The funerals are likely to be on Saturday.
Thank you for your support. Very much needed. Very much appreciated. Philippe


Here is a photo taken at our Quarterly Meeting in March last year. Sébastien is the 4th from the left.

12 thoughts on “Tragic car accident of Sébastien Ndrutsomi in South Africa

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  2. Jacques Bédard

    Very sad news indeed. Here in our community of Sherbrooke, we will pray for Sebastian, his family and the confreres of the SAP.
    May he rest in peace.
    United in the Lord, Jacques Bédard

  3. Dominic Apee

    What a way to start the New Year! It was with great sorry I got the sad news of the untimely death of our brother Sébastien, whom I know so well. I did my stage in Gety, his parish, but I did not know him at that time, however, he said he knew me. I knew him when I was a Formator in La Ruzizi, and he made very positive impression on me. We have been friend since then. And when he was appointed to do his fourth phase in Kinshasa, I was by then Assistant Provincial in the PAC, and our friendship intensified. He was a one of the promising young confreres, who knew what he wanted, and took his missionary vocation very serious. He had a high sense of humour, not to be mistaken for naivety. Personal, I appreciated him very much and looked forward to him with high expectations.
    His untimely death might be a sign that God has a different Mission for him in His Kingdom. God has given, God has taken, and may his Name be praised. May Séba Rest in Peace.
    My sincere condolence to the SAP and to his family. My special sympathies go to his community (M.Afr community and the parish) where he lived and work. May God Grant you his Spirit of Consolation.
    Fraternally, Dominic Apee
    Ghana Nigeria Province.

  4. Richard Nnyombi

    My condolences! May our brother Sébastien rest in peace.
    We keep you in our prayers, especially the confreres of his community in Lebombo, and also his family.
    Fraternally, Richard Nnyombi

  5. Fr. Freeborn Kibombwe

    Sincere condolences over the untimely death of Sébastien. May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.
    We join you and his family in prayer.
    Fr. Freeborn Kibombwe, OMI
    Oblates Zambia

  6. Piet van Heijst

    My condolences with the tragic death of our confrere Sébastien Ndrutsomi. Be assured that I am united with you. Please pass this one to his family.
    United in prayer, Piet van Heijst

  7. Camille Konkobo

    My sincere condolences! I know Séba personally, we studied theology for four years together. It is a great lost indeed. We pray for his family members. MHSRIP!
    Camille Konkobo

  8. José Morales

    Cher confrére, À mon retour de voyage, je viens d’ouvrir le courrier et je trouve la mauvaise nouvelle du décès de notre confrère Sébastien.
    Nous partageons votre peine et nous prions le Seigeur à son intention.
    Bien fraternellement, José Morales

  9. Lebombo Parish Children of Mary

    RIP our loving Priest, we had a such a great time with you as Lebombo Parish Children of Mary on the 28th December unaware that we were with you for the last time. sitja lesihle asidleli siyohlala sikukhumbula baba

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