Tragic car accident of Sébastien Ndrutsomi in South Africa

Sebastien_Ndrutsomi_02By Philippe Docq, M.Afr
We do not know too much of what really happened. Apparently, Sébastien went out very early on Sunday morning, responding to a call from one of his fellow Congolese friends who was in trouble with his own car. On the way, Sébastien lost the control of his car, which rolled over. Sébastien was later transported to hospital but was declared dead upon arrival to hospital. The body will only be released by the police after autopsy, probably on Wednesday or Thursday.
The funerals are likely to be on Saturday.
Thank you for your support. Very much needed. Very much appreciated. Philippe


Here is a photo taken at our Quarterly Meeting in March last year. Sébastien is the 4th from the left.