Words of thanks from Stanley Lubungo

Stanislas_LubunboDear Friends,

I sneaked out of Zambia just as discreetly as I had sneaked in, without seeing much of you! The New Year offers me this occasion to come back shortly to the year that has just ended. I hope you are all fine.

With the passing on of my Mother, 2013 ended on a very rich note emotionally for me and for my family. The memory we embarked on as a family, of what mum had been and the thought of what she will always represent in our lives, have of late constituted a constant motivation for us to continue thanking God for the precious gift we got in mum. As we do so, I would equally like to thank all confrères, the members of MIMSAF and all other people, for the sympathy and encouragement manifested by their presence at mum’s funeral and through the numerous fraternal and comforting words sent to my e-mail. The support received from so many testifies how big the God’s family we belong to is.

My family mandated me to thank the M.Afr Society for making it possible for me to be there in time for the burial. Thanks Christopher, Serge and Oswald for all the coordination in communication and transport, and for the precious material and financial help offered during this time.

I pray that the year 2014 comes with abundant blessings to grant you all the graces it takes to accomplish your mission at the service of confrères in and of the province.

Happy New Year 

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