My journey to Merrivale, South Africa

By Serge St-Arneault, M.Afr
On the 12th December 2013, I travelled to Merrivale with Michel Meunier in view of witnessing the Oath of Antony Alckias and Tomasz Podrazik and their diaconate ordination. We left after celebrating Mass at 12:30 at Radio Veritas. The journey took five hours and gave me the opportunity to see impressive mountains. On arrival at Merrivale, not far from Edendale and Pietermaritzburg, I met Raphaël Gasimba, Rector, and the students. Many more people came for the event including friends from Zambia, Tanzania and Orange Farm in South Africa. Below are some pictures of our M.Afr Merrivale Formation House newly built. Also, on the same premises of Merrivale, the Louis Blondel house where our confreres René Garand, George Okwii, James Gordon Calder and Philippe Docq live. They are engaged at Henley Parish except for James who is teaching philosophy at St. Joseph’s Theological Institute, Cedara, where our students go. 
Journey to Merrivale 24
Meet the 2013 Merrivale Formation House Community members: (Front row left) Dieudonné Bulambo Amani (DRC), Ryan Lungay Contamina (Philippines), Raphaël Gasimba (DRC), Damian Ahimbisibwe (Uganda), Douglas Ogato (Kenya), (2nd row right) Antony Alckias (India), Albert Kondemodre (Tanzania), Paul Kikenge Mpombo (DRC), Serge Boroto (DRC), (3rd row left) Pierre-Claver Mutombo (DRC), Alphonse-Marie Byishimo (Rwanda), Tomasz Podrazik (Poland), Konrad Millanzi (Tanzania) and Edward Saguti (Tanzania).

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