What Child is this?

Did you ever notice what we do when we hold a small child?
We all do it. Our eyes. We look straight into the child’s face, and silently speak the wonder, awe, love that can’t be put into words.
Our lips. We use our lips a lot when holding a baby. We purse them, make sounds that aren’t words, and we kiss the child from a distance.
Our arms. If ever arms expressed holding something precious, they do it when we cradle a tiny baby. Few could describe such grace, but everyone can picture it.
Our whole body. Did you ever notice that we never stand still when holding a tiny baby? We slowly sway from side to side, turn in half circles, lean forward and back.
Did you ever stop to think that you were once held that way? Anyone who ever held you as a tiny child held you that way.
Did you ever stop to think that God holds you that way? Not just when you were a tiny child, but now! Even if things aren’t going well – especially if things aren’t going well.
What child is this? It’s me. In God’s arms.
Merry Christmas.
Mary and the child Jesus by Coninx_modifié-1The author of this text is unknown but the drawing was made by our confrere Anthony Coninx on a piece of cloth given to Antoon Oostveen years ago. Anthony headed the Communication Office at the Catholic Secretariat and set up Radio Yatsani. He had great artistic gifts. Unfortunately, he has Alzheimer and had to be put in an institution in Belgium.
Let us pray for him and for all our sick confreres who have dedicated their lives to the Lord Jesus in our common mission in Africa. They are in God’s arms today in a special way.
Oh behalf of the Southern Africa Province (SAP), I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014 New Year.
Father Serge St-Arneault, M.Afr
SAP Provincial Secretary

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