Message from the Catholic Health Commission of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi on HIV/AIDS

HIV-AIDS logoGETTING TO ZERO: Let there be zero new HIV Infections-zero HIV/AIDS related deaths-zero stigma and discrimination
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
Today, the first Sunday of Advent, receive our greetings as the Church begins a new Liturgical Year, a journey of faith that, on one hand prepares us of for Christmas and, on the other hand, directs our minds and hearts to Christ’s Second Coming. Today we also join the rest of the world to commemorate the World AIDS Day, which is observed on annually on 1st December. The World AIDS Day is an important occasion when governments, national AIDS programs, faith and community organizations, and individuals around the world bring their attention to the global AIDS pandemic. This message aims at inviting all the Catholic faithful to join hands in emphasizing the critical need for a committed,   meaningful and sustained response to the pandemic.

Episcopal Conference of Malawi Statement on Plundering of Public Funds

Episcopal Conference Malawi LogoWe, Catholic Bishops of Malawi have followed with great concern events surrounding the revelations of what appears to be massive looting of public resources dubbed as “Capital Hill Cash gate”. We have taken time to understand what is happening, to ponder and pray over these revelations and we are still shocked that such things could happen in this God fearing country. This scandal is an embarrassment to the country and an indication of serious moral decadence and dwindling levels of patriotism in our country. We are dismayed that materialism, corruption and get rich quick syndrome seem to be on the rise at the expense of truth, honesty and hard working. It  is  in  this  context,  that  we  your  pastors  humbly  but truthfully propose a  critical reflection on  the  issues relating to this   scandal,  the impact of the looting , and call for appropriate, proportionate and timely  actions .  
We note in this scandal the following:
• Huge  sums of public resources have been swindled for purely selfish gains at the expense of service delivery;               
• A syndicate organized and cooperated to loot public resources pointing to a structural and entrenched way in which evil has taken    root in our midst;            
• The financial management structures and systems have been rendered powerless largely because of human machinations and lack of human integrity.
Pastoral Letter of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi:
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