SAP Provincial Council in Woodlands, Zambia

PC_Nov_2013_04The SAP Provincial Council ended on Friday the 9th November with eleven representatives from Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia.
Were present: Christopher Chileshe, Provincial, Karl Kälin, Provincial Treasurer, Oswald Mallya, Delegate Superior Zambia, Jaya Bordhan Mrutyun, Councillor Zambia, William Turnbull, Delegate Superior Malawi, Michel Sanou, Councillor Malawi, Timothée Bationo, Delegate Superior Mozambique, Richard Ujwigowa, Councillor Mozambique, Philippe Docq, Delegate Superior South Africa,  Chrispin Vungwa, Councillor South AfricaRobert Tebri, Rector Lechaptois First Phase in Balaka.
After the meeting, the confreres signed the Code of Pastoral Conduct for Pastoral Agents as a sing of commitment with the duty to explain it to all M.Afr communities.
A barbecue ended the three day and a half meeting prepared by the staff of Woodlands. All confreres and MSOLA Sisters come for this occasion. The rain disturbed the gathering but did not prevent festive and animated discussion.  

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