Death of Father Gérard Lebel

Gérard Lebel“I am the resurrection and the life. 
He who believes in me will still live, even if he dies. ”  John 11, 25
Father Julien Cormier, Provincial of the Americas, informs you of the death of
            He died on November 9, 2013, in Sherbrooke (Canada), at the age of 84 years of which 56 of missionary life in Zambia and Canada. The funeral service will take place on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 at 11h00 a.m., at 100 rue du Cardinal-Lavigerie, Sherbrooke.
Missionary journey of Fr. Gérard Lebel:
14/12/1958 Curate at St Mary’s, Fort James Diocese, North Rhodesia
03/06/1959 Curate at Chassa
17/10/1959 Curate at Naviruli
08/05/1961 Curate at Minga
07/11/1961 Curate at Nyimba
06/12/1965 Curate at Chikungu, ChipataDiocese, Zambia
06/07/1966 Superieur at Lumimba
01/01/1973 Curate at Nyimba
01/01/1976 Curate at Minga
09/03/1980 Session and Retreat in Jerusalem
01/01/1981 Curate at Kalichero and Cikowa
01/01/1984 1st Cycle Ottawa, Riverdale, Canada
27/10/1984 Curate at Msipazi, Chipata Diocese, Zambia
01/02/1989 Curate at Nyimba, Chipata Diocese, Zambia
01/10/1995 Curate at Minga, Chipata Diocese, Zambia
07/05/1997 Session + 60 and Sabbatical. Monte Cucco, Roma
19/04/1999 Nomination to ANA (PE.99/6), Canada
01/09/1999 Accueil Montréal, L’Acadie ANA/Canada
01/11/2005 Residence Lennoxville
09-11-2013 Back to our Father in Heaven,
Sherbrooke, Canada
May his soul rest in perfect peace.

One thought on “Death of Father Gérard Lebel

  1. Bishop Lungu, Chipata Diocese

    Greetings and thanks for information about the passing on of Rev. Fr. Lebel. His life history is quite evident that he was a Chipata foot soldier. I will write a circular to inform all parishes in which he laboured for and with our people to set one day for mass to pray for him. These are the men who should have been mourned by Chipata diocese and be put to rest behind Minga Church in the belly of mother Chipata Diocese. There is a lot to share about his work among us. Sincere condolences and May his soul rest in peace.
    Bishop Lungu

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