My first experience of home leave, by Alex Manda

Alex Manda_modifié-1“The apostles returned and reported to Jesus all they had done and taught. Then he said to them, “Go off by yourselves to a remote place and have some rest”. Mk 6, 30-31
Jesus invited his disciples to rest after days of preaching his message in Galilee. I needed the same after three years of mission in Korhogo, Ivory Coast.
I enjoy sharing news with my family members, friends and confreres after such a long time of absence including my experience in Ivory Coast. I listened to them about their own life experiences here in Zambia. My resting was not simply sleeping but meeting different people at different places. It was also very comforting.
I had a chance to pay a visit to some of my confreres in Zambia. I saw their various ways of doing their ministries such as Kasama, Kitwe, Serene, Woodlands, Kabwata and Fenza. I met some of my brothers diocesan priests, very welcoming, in my Parish in Kaputa as well as the Cathedral in Kasama.


I attended the closing celebrations of the year of faith at Nakonde Parish. It was a wonderful celebration with teaching on faith and sketches about the first missionaries who came to Zambia. The video below shows in a colorful way how Father Joseph Dupont, known as Bishop Motomoto, healed the wounds of chief  Makasa, event that sparkle his missionary encounter.
I praise God for guiding me during this time of resting. May the Good Lord bless me and all confreres in our places of mission!
Alex Manda, M.Afr, back to Korhogo, Ivory Coast.
See the following video on YouTube:
Play of the arrival of Motomoto in Nakonde, Zambia


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