Quarterly meeting in South Africa

Didier Michon, George Okwii,  Chrispin Edgar Vungwa, Jean-Pierre Le Scour, Raymond McQuarrie,  Mathieu Van Vlierden, René Garand, Philippe Docq, Didier Lemaire. In front: Michel Meunier, Samuel Affoumane, Martin Somda
Didier Michon, George Okwii, Chrispin Edgar Vungwa, Jean-Pierre Le Scour, Raymond McQuarrie, Mathieu Van Vlierden, René Garand, Philippe Docq, Didier Lemaire. In front: Michel Meunier, Samuel Affoumane, Martin Somda

Here are some pictures taken at our last quarterly meeting. Here it is the mass to close the antislavery campaign. Recollection, input, business meeting, fraternal gathering: all that to reinforce our missionary commitment.

Pictures sent by Didier Lemaire, M.Afr

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Some news about Phelim Malumo

Ste Anne church in Jerusalem
Ste Anne church in Jerusalem

Phelim got problems at the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi. He was there on Monday and could get his visa only on Friday. Moreover, he was told that his flight was delayed from Friday night to Saturday, arrival in Jerusalem on Sunday morning at about 5 hours. Consequently, he will remain with about an hour and a half before moving into the bus going for the Galilee tour which is an essential part of the session.

Let us hope that Phelim will find ways to relax in the plane before arriving in Jerusalem. What a story! In a message, Don Anderson is wishing him to have a safe flight and good humour in the last hurdles.

So is our bidding for him. For Phelim, all the session participants and the staff, have a wonderful experience in Galilee.

Funeral of the parents of Father Phelim Malumo in Mongu, Zambia

Poem on Antislavery

Good Shepherd Parish Youth Corner
Good Shepherd Parish Youth Corner

It is a well-known fact that we are living in a doldrums where the tantrums of a new African hope are heard, therefore, the mighty citizens of Kabwata Good Shepherd Parish Youth Corner, present a poem in the spirit and foot of Cardinal Charles Lavigerie entitled The Fight against Modern slavery.


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The Jurisprudence behind the Right to Education

Elvis_Ng'sndweBy Elvis C.C Ng’andwe

Prior to the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the drafting committee discussed in detailed the jurisprudence behind every Article of the Convention on the Rights of the Child hereinafter referred to as C.R.C.

The jurisprudence behind the right to education was found to have had a longer history than the C.R.C and a good amount of the jurisprudence behind the right to education can be traced from so many scholars. READ MORE

Mafrwestafrica – Lettre du 9 octobre 2013

Mafrwestafrica 02Dans la rubrique « Dialogue interreligieux » :
« Le Missionnaire chasseur de trésors », un article de notre confrère Didier Sawadogo, qui veut faire prendre conscience que la mission est d’abord une ouverture à la culture dans laquelle on est appelé à s’investir pour y annoncer l’Évangile. (lire la suite)
« Le G.R.I.C . ». Groupe de Dialogue Islamo chrétien, un article de notre confrère André Ferré qui se trouve en Tunisie, article tiré du Bulletin « Relais PB Maghreb octobre 2013 » – cet article est le dernier de la rubrique « Maghreb, diverses nouvelles » sur la page du site, à gauche en bas… (lire la suite)
Dans la rubrique « Actualités »  :
« La semaine missionnaire mondiale 2013 » : un rappel de la signification de cette semaine, et des différentes ressources ecclésiales invitant tous les chrétiens à vivre la mission (lire la suite)
« Merci des trois nouveaux prêtres M.Afr de la PAO », la lettre de remerciement de Charles Nikiema, Boris Yabre et David Gnadouwa, ordonnés cette année et qui viennent de partir pour leur pays de mission ; (lire la suite)
«  Les confrères décédés depuis le 1er janvier 2013 »
– une mise à jour de la liste des anciens de la PAO décédés en 2013. (lire la suite)
«  Les Missionnaires travaillant présentement à la PAO, et ceux qui en sont originaires », une mise à jour du mois d’octobre 2013 (lire la suite)
Dans la rubrique « Maisons de formation » :
« Joies et peines à Abidjan » deux textes nous parlant de la tristesse due à l’accident d’un candidat ivoirien en route pour Ouagadougou, et de la joie des retrouvailles au sein de notre maison de formation de quatrième étape. (lire la suite)
Dans la rubrique « Justice et paix » :
« Bilal, sur la route des clandestins », Les mésaventures des immigrants subsahariens ne font plus la une des journaux. Et pourtant, les drames continuent et ils sont quotidiens (lire la suite)

Words of thanks of Jules Roy for his 50th Jubilee celebration

Jubilée Jules Roy at Kasamba

“What can I give back to the Lord for all his goodness? I shall move to the altar to invoke the name of the Lord.”

This is how I began my first mass I celebrated 50 years ago. I would like to do the same today at this Mass of thanksgiving. Only Him knows all those who have loved me, helped me and encouraged me without myself giving back much to them. My debts of love have simply accumulated over the years. Only the Lord can give them back what they deserved.

May the Lord bless you all dear parents, friends and benefactors. Jules Roy, M.Afr

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Death of Richard Ujwigowa’s grandfather

Dear Confreres,Richard Ujwigowa Bikerong'a_2

I have just received a phone call from my father back home in the Congo announcing the sudden death of my grandfather, whose name is Lucien Upar. He has died at the age of 80. For many years, he had a problem of high pressure, but still could all kinds of works without any problem. Now he has gone. Please remember my grandfather in your prayers.

Richard Ujwigowa, M.Afr

Ukarimu in the Archdiocese of Mwanza, Tanzania

Bernard Chowa 02By Bernard Chowa, M.Afr
“Wiki ya Ukarimu” (Week of Charity) takes place towards the end of every year in the Archdiocese of Mwanza. This year this event took place from 11 to 18 August 2013. Each day of the week, different groups such as the Lay, the children, the youth (Viwawa), the catholic women (Wawata), the consecrated, and many more other groups get the opportunity to have a seminar and a talk with the Archbishop. Each day ends with the Holy Mass presided by the Archbishop and many priests. The event takes place on the hill at the “Kawekamo Marian Shrines” once visited by then the Holy Father Pope John Paul II.
This week ends on Sunday and nearly all the priests of the Archdiocese attend. On this day, Mass starts at 10.00 hrs attended by members of all lay groups and many other Christians. After the Mass all return first for entertainment. At this time dances and plays are performed especially by the Sukuma Cultural Group from Bujora. (The Cultural Center has gone on well since it was founded by the White Fathers). After that, somebody gives a seminar to all the attendants. Then follows the most important event where by each parish is called to bring in money intended for the Archdiocese, for the building of the Cathedral, for the Catholic Radio and TV stations, a certain amount that every baptized has to give to the archdiocese among many more other “michango” (contributions). The lay may also give gifts like bags of cement and bags of rice from the previous harvest. At this occasion, other amounts are mentioned for each Parish in its capacity to be contributed for the next year/s to come.
Later the Archbishop (this time His Grace Jude Thadaeus Ruw’aichi, OFMA) addresses the whole congregation to explain important issues, during which he also invites questions. 
Ukarimu in the Archdiocese of Mwanza, TanzaniaUkarimu in the Archdiocese of Mwanza, Tanzania - part 2

Funeral of the parents of Father Phelim Malumo in Mongu, Zambia

Funeral_parents_of_Phelim_16 copieOswald Mallya, Francis Kangwa, Jaya Bordhan, Patrick Mumbi and Romaric Bationo went to Mongu for the funeral of the parents of our confrere Phelim Malumo who died suddenly in the same night. The mother was hospitalised. Her husband went to get some medicine for her in the evening, felt tired and lastly collapsed in a coma. In the meantime, his wife died at around 23 hours without the knowledge of the husband. Finally, he died too at around 3 hours.
Our confreres Phelim came quickly from Jerusalem where he is following a session. According to Oswald, the whole Mongu came to a standstill on Monday the 30th September when people gathered in the cathedral where Bishop Evans Chinyama officiated the liturgy.
Here below, some words sent by Phelim using his mobile phone.
Dear Confreres,
Greetings from Mongu.
I am recovering slowly from the tragic death of my parents. All went well. Still not yet owned and understood the event. But I am fine and I have been strong a bit to go through the funeral rites. The family is united and all is going in a Christian spirit. Most people have travelled back, but family members are still around. 
Words of thanks for so many messages, spiritual and material support. I shall have some time to thank all. 
When I came, I agreed with the Session staff that two weeks will be fine and then go back to continue the pilgrimage.
Thus I am waiting to hear about the re-entry permit from Tom. If that goes well, I was planning to fly either by the 9th or 10th October back to Jerusalem. If the re-entry is not accepted then it will not be possible to travel, then I have to rearrange my program. I shall come to Lusaka on the 7th next week Monday. 
For now, your prayers! The family is trying to come to terms with the event and mystery of my parent’s death.
Many thanks for the material and spiritual support. Many thanks also to Serge for the effective communication and messages I have been receiving.
Until then, Gods’ blessings,

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Pictures from Francis Kangwa

Father Louis Blondel Centre

Louis-BlondelThe Father Louis Blondel Centre is the result of a team work inspired by a man whose life has been dedicated to the poorest and to the loneliest. Fr Louis spent more than 22 years in South Africa, as a missionary of Africa, and was involved in many supportive projects in Soweto, Zondi and Orange Farm. In 2008, he decided to stay in Diepsloot and was planning a youth centre when his life was cut short and he was shot dead by an intruder on the night of the 6th December 2009.
This Centre is dedicated to the upliftment of the Youth of Diepsloot and may it become a beacon of reconciliation in our still violent and divided Society.
It is with thanks to the family and Friends of Fr. Louis and the French business community who funded the building. A special thanks to Lafarge SA and Prominent Paints.
Louis Blondel Centre 02

Do we still have a functioning state in Zambia?

Caritas ZambiaPress Statement on behalf of Caritas Zambia by Samuel Mulafulafu, Executive Director, Caritas Zambia
For a visitor who may have come to Zambia in the recent months this year, he/she would be wondering whether there is still a functioning State in Zambia. The level of chaos, hooliganism and lawlessness in Zambia has reached such unprecedented levels that one would be right to question whether there is a functioning government in Zambia. The dangerous part of this situation is that the political party in power, the Patriotic Front (PF), which was elected by the people to guarantee their rights, peace and security and justice, is deeply at the centre of these problems. The majority ordinary Zambians are yearning for a peaceful life that satisfies their basic needs, yet those they entrusted with this duty of promoting the common good have abdicated their role in preference for endless squabbles for power and fights for dominion and hegemony? Even as this exhortation is being written, the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) is severely rationing water causing great danger to patients and visitors to the hospital and yet our leaders don’t see such problems as priorities when compared to political squabbles. READ  MORE
In-Fighting in the Ruling Party
Illegal Land Occupation
Freedom of Information Bill
The Constitution making process