SAP Financial Council in Woodlands – 29th October 2013

SAP Financial Council gathered in Woodlands on the 29th October to review the 2013 financial year and come up with a consolidated budget for 2014. Tremendous work professionally done with Didier Lemaire from South Africa, Jean de Dieu Bukuru from Mozambique, Paul Namono from Malawi, Jaya Brodhan from Zambia under the leadership of Karl Kälin, Provincial Treasurer.
Let us support their dedication in guiding our Province on the side of finances in order to answer the call from the Lord to be good stewards as it was pointed out in the opening prayer for the meeting; “Men of hope inspired by Christ, we pray and work in community for a better world” (from the SAP Pre-Capitular Assembly of 2010).
SAP-FC-Oct-2013-03 SAP-FC-Oct-2013-01