Greetings from Phelim Malumo in Jerusalem

Phelim Malumo Israel 02I just finished the Pilgrimage in Galilee. What an interesting, fascinating and renewing experience. Visiting and walking in the places Jesus lived. It was indeed a time of discovery and growth in faith; a moment of appreciation and revelation for me. Praying on the boat on the Sea of Galilee, bathing in the Jordan and relaxing on the Mountain of the Beatitudes. I had the privilege to visit the following places: the land of Dan and Naphtali; Lebanon border; Syrian border; Jordan border; the town of Nazareth; the Jordan River sources; the wilderness experience; lake side Eucharist along Lake Tiberias; mount Tabor of the transfiguration; Jesus baptismal place in the Jordan; Jericho. I met many pilgrims from Africa, Europe, Asia, America and some even from South Africa, to mention but a few. This weekend, I am trying to integrate this one week experience. We are at about half way through the Pilgrimage. Very historical and divine experience for me!
Receive my Greetings from the Holy Land. Shalom!
Phelim Malumo, M.Afr

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