Opening Celebration for the academic year 2013-2014, Abidjan

Abidjan copie
By Humphrey Mukuka
The day of 22 September 2013 was marked by various reasons for us to celebrate as a community of “Fraternité Lavigerie” of Abidjan. We were privileged to hold the official welcome of the new community members, the declaration of intent by the students of second year of theology, inauguration of our community project and finally the 53rd anniversary of independence of Mali. These and many other reasons made us proud to consider this day as extraordinary and as very significant. We waited impatiently for this day before it was finally accomplished. This day was especially designated as the official day of welcoming the new community members. We were very glad to receive ten confreres in our community which makes a community of 31 members in total. Before beginning the Eucharistic celebration, the new community members were greatly welcomed according to the Ivorian culture by giving them water to drink before asking their motif of coming to “Fraternité Lavigerie”. The rest of the community members were greatly overwhelmed when they heard that the ten came to live with them in order to form a community. The rector, Fr Georges-Jacques was so happy such that he welcomed them with very encouraging words. FULL TEXT

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News from Phelim Malumo in Jerusalem

Congregation of Betharram logo 2Dear Confreres,
Just to let you know that I arrived safely on Sunday morning at around 03.40 hrs in Tel Aviv. Fortunately, I was picked by Emmanuel our Zambian Deacon and Limo (Deacon from Kenya).
I had at least one hour thirty minutes to get ready for Galilee-Nazareth about 160 km from Jerusalem. We had some stop overs along the way. We first stopped in Caesarea; thereafter we went to Megiddo. After Megiddo, we moved to Haifa and visited the World Centre of the Baha’i Faith on Mount Carmel. We also visited the Carmelite Church and had about one hour of prayer in the chapel dedicated to the Prophet Elijah. The final journey was to Nazareth itself and we arrived around 18.00 hrs. We are lodging in Bethharam, a beautiful lodge running by religious Fathers. Immediately after Supper, I went for a long rest as I was very tired. This morning I feel very flesh and ready to visit various places and sites around Nazareth. 
Thanks for your prayers and support. Many greetings from the Holy Land.
Fr Phelim Mutambekwa Malumo M.Afr.
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Interview with Carl Stauffer

Interview with Carl StaufferCarl Stauffer was born and raised amidst the war in Vietnam. In 1994, he and his family moved to South Africa under the auspices of the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), a faith-based international relief and development agency. In South Africa, Stauffer worked with various transitional processes such as the Peace Accords, Community-Police Forums, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Local Community Development structures. From 2000 to 2009, Stauffer was appointed as the MCC Regional Peace Adviser for the Southern Africa region. His work has taken him to twenty African countries.
This interview is a very interesting resource for our JPIC commitment. In this interview, divided in three parts, Carl Stauffer shares with us how he is deconstructing and processing the systemic violence he has found during his ministry in Africa and now in the States. In the second part of this interview he remarkably uses a whole imaginary from the African traditions to develop the seven roles of a peacebuilder. He says: “I wanted to find a new language, and I wanted that language to be contextual to Africa, as well as contextual to my Christian faith, and many of the Christian leaders I was working with in Africa. So the language borrows from all of those, different streams and my need for creativity. I wanted to make it as contextual as I could within what I was experiencing at a gut visceral level, on the ground, in practicing peacebuilding in Africa for 16 years.”
Anti-Slavery campaign Interview Series with Carl Stauffer (Part 1)
Carl StaufferAnti-Slavery campaign Interview Series with Carl Stauffer (Part 2)
Carl Stauffer
Part Three will be posted next week.