Some news about Phelim Malumo

Ste Anne church in Jerusalem
Ste Anne church in Jerusalem

Phelim got problems at the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi. He was there on Monday and could get his visa only on Friday. Moreover, he was told that his flight was delayed from Friday night to Saturday, arrival in Jerusalem on Sunday morning at about 5 hours. Consequently, he will remain with about an hour and a half before moving into the bus going for the Galilee tour which is an essential part of the session.

Let us hope that Phelim will find ways to relax in the plane before arriving in Jerusalem. What a story! In a message, Don Anderson is wishing him to have a safe flight and good humour in the last hurdles.

So is our bidding for him. For Phelim, all the session participants and the staff, have a wonderful experience in Galilee.

Funeral of the parents of Father Phelim Malumo in Mongu, Zambia

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