Funeral of the parents of Father Phelim Malumo in Mongu, Zambia

Funeral_parents_of_Phelim_16 copieOswald Mallya, Francis Kangwa, Jaya Bordhan, Patrick Mumbi and Romaric Bationo went to Mongu for the funeral of the parents of our confrere Phelim Malumo who died suddenly in the same night. The mother was hospitalised. Her husband went to get some medicine for her in the evening, felt tired and lastly collapsed in a coma. In the meantime, his wife died at around 23 hours without the knowledge of the husband. Finally, he died too at around 3 hours.
Our confreres Phelim came quickly from Jerusalem where he is following a session. According to Oswald, the whole Mongu came to a standstill on Monday the 30th September when people gathered in the cathedral where Bishop Evans Chinyama officiated the liturgy.
Here below, some words sent by Phelim using his mobile phone.
Dear Confreres,
Greetings from Mongu.
I am recovering slowly from the tragic death of my parents. All went well. Still not yet owned and understood the event. But I am fine and I have been strong a bit to go through the funeral rites. The family is united and all is going in a Christian spirit. Most people have travelled back, but family members are still around. 
Words of thanks for so many messages, spiritual and material support. I shall have some time to thank all. 
When I came, I agreed with the Session staff that two weeks will be fine and then go back to continue the pilgrimage.
Thus I am waiting to hear about the re-entry permit from Tom. If that goes well, I was planning to fly either by the 9th or 10th October back to Jerusalem. If the re-entry is not accepted then it will not be possible to travel, then I have to rearrange my program. I shall come to Lusaka on the 7th next week Monday. 
For now, your prayers! The family is trying to come to terms with the event and mystery of my parent’s death.
Many thanks for the material and spiritual support. Many thanks also to Serge for the effective communication and messages I have been receiving.
Until then, Gods’ blessings,

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Pictures from Francis Kangwa

Father Louis Blondel Centre

Louis-BlondelThe Father Louis Blondel Centre is the result of a team work inspired by a man whose life has been dedicated to the poorest and to the loneliest. Fr Louis spent more than 22 years in South Africa, as a missionary of Africa, and was involved in many supportive projects in Soweto, Zondi and Orange Farm. In 2008, he decided to stay in Diepsloot and was planning a youth centre when his life was cut short and he was shot dead by an intruder on the night of the 6th December 2009.
This Centre is dedicated to the upliftment of the Youth of Diepsloot and may it become a beacon of reconciliation in our still violent and divided Society.
It is with thanks to the family and Friends of Fr. Louis and the French business community who funded the building. A special thanks to Lafarge SA and Prominent Paints.
Louis Blondel Centre 02