Do we still have a functioning state in Zambia?

Caritas ZambiaPress Statement on behalf of Caritas Zambia by Samuel Mulafulafu, Executive Director, Caritas Zambia
For a visitor who may have come to Zambia in the recent months this year, he/she would be wondering whether there is still a functioning State in Zambia. The level of chaos, hooliganism and lawlessness in Zambia has reached such unprecedented levels that one would be right to question whether there is a functioning government in Zambia. The dangerous part of this situation is that the political party in power, the Patriotic Front (PF), which was elected by the people to guarantee their rights, peace and security and justice, is deeply at the centre of these problems. The majority ordinary Zambians are yearning for a peaceful life that satisfies their basic needs, yet those they entrusted with this duty of promoting the common good have abdicated their role in preference for endless squabbles for power and fights for dominion and hegemony? Even as this exhortation is being written, the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) is severely rationing water causing great danger to patients and visitors to the hospital and yet our leaders don’t see such problems as priorities when compared to political squabbles. READ  MORE
In-Fighting in the Ruling Party
Illegal Land Occupation
Freedom of Information Bill
The Constitution making process

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