Which football team to support?

Katongo-Ghana-ChipolopoloOne of our students in formation, Humphrey Mukuka, Zambian, made his thirty day retreat in Ghana in August. While still in the country, an important football match took place between the Black Starts of Ghana and Chipolopolo team of Zambia. Which one to support? This is what he says: “this exciting game taught me how to control myself while being a Chipolopolo fan in another country. Despite that Chipolopolo lost the match, I joined the Ghanaian fans in their joyful festivity.” Humphrey is now pursuing his theological studies in Abidjan.Humphrey_Mukuka_modifié-1

Ghana won 2 goals against 1 in Baba Yara Stadium in Kumasi on the 6th September. With this win, Ghana have made it to the play-offs stage of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers in Africa.

Thanks Humphrey for this nice story! Let us rejoice with the Black Stars fans until Chipolopolo wins again.

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