Media Relations Consultant needed

JCTR LusakaGreetings from JCTR!
The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection seeks to recruit a Media Relations Consultant as per attached terms of reference. Closing date for expressions of interest is 12:00 hours on 20th September 2013.
Kindly circulate this advert through your network.
Namundi Siwale
Acting Information Officer
Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection
3813 Martin Mwamba Road, Olympia
P.O. Box 37774, Lusaka 10101 Zambia
Tel: +260-211-290410; Fax: +260-211-290759; 0955 291052
Terms of reference for a Media Consultant
The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection Centre (JCTR) is a faith based organization with a mission to foster critical understanding of current issues from a faith inspired perspective that generate action for the promotion of the fullness of human life. This is done through research, advocacy, education and consultancy.
In its advocacy work, the Centre through its information office widely uses the media to disseminate its information. The media therefore plays a critical role in the advocacy work of the Centre. It is in this regard that the Centre seeks the services of a media person until December 2013 to seek ways of enhancing the Centre’s media relations in order to raise its profile and reach a wider audience.
The major objective is to:
Conceptualize and develop a media strategy for the JCTR
Duties and Responsibilities
Review JCTR current media relations
Produce stories for the media from JCTR specific activities that have been done.
Recommend how JCTR can enhance its media relations
Monitoring and progress controls:
a)  The consultancy work plan will be developed and agreed no later than two days after the start of consultancy work
b)  The consultants work will be under the supervision of the Deputy Director’s Office
c) The outputs will be reviewed according to the agreed upon milestones in the contract.
Expression of interest should include:
Technical proposal: brief profile about the consultant with particular emphasis on previous experience in this kind of work; understanding of the ToR and task to be accomplished
Financial Proposal: This should provide cost estimates for the consultancy (fees based on persons days for the assignment).

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