Death of Mrs Prisca Chilando Chilala, sister-in-law of Remmy Kambole, M.Afr

Remmy Kambole_02Dear Confreres,
This is to let you know that the brother of our confrere Remmy Kambole, in mission in Mali, lost his wife Prisca Chilando yesterday in Chilala, Lusaka. His brother’s name is Brian Kambole. Mrs Kambole has left behind three children. Burial will be on Saturday morning in Lusaka.
Let us pray for Mrs Kambole. May her soul rest in the peace of the Lord. Let us also pray for the family she has left behind. 
United in prayer.
Mwanza Didasio,M.Afr
Updates – Satruday August 31, 2013

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5 thoughts on “Death of Mrs Prisca Chilando Chilala, sister-in-law of Remmy Kambole, M.Afr

  1. John Chomba Mubanga

    May her soul rest indeed in the peace of Christ and may the almighty God bless the family left behind. John Chomba Mubanga

  2. George Sinjani

    Remmy….am very sorry for the loss…may the good lord receive help you in this tough period. We pray for her soul to Rest in peace

  3. Alick Mwamba

    May the almighty God welcome her in his eternal kingdom and may he be with all the members of the family in this sad moment.

  4. Trigo

    Remmy accept my heart felt Condolences and may God be with you and your family in this difficult moment. May God Himself accept her soul in his heavenly kingdom.

  5. Joseph Francis Makoka

    Greetings from Arbinda Parish in the Diocese of Dori in the northern part of Burkinafaso in West Africa
    This is profoundly to say our sincere heartfelt condolences to our dear confrere Remy and his family including all those people greatly affected by this loss of Mrs Prisca Chilando Chilala the sister in law to Remy. May our dear good Lord full of mercy and compassion welcome Prisca in His Eternal Kingdom. Amen!
    We are united in prayers and have celebrated mass at the intention of the family of Father Remy this morning.
    Pepani! Pepani! Pepani!
    Yours fraternally
    Joseph Francis Makoka (M.Afr)

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