My stay in Lusaka – Emmanuel Imani Mwanga Mwanga

Emmanuel Imani Mwanga Mwanga _modifié-1I am Imani Mwanga Mwanga Emmanuel. I was born on 25th December 1983 in DRCongo and I am the sixth of eight children; five girls and two boys (one of my old sister died in 2009). I received my primary and secondary education in a Protestant school.
After my secondary school, I followed a formation in mechanical. Then, I went to Goma for the beginning of my formation with the Missionaries of Africa Society. After a year in Goma, I went in Bukavu for three years for Philosophy which I completed in 2007.
In 2008, I did my Spiritual Year in Burkina Faso followed by my Pastoral experience in Mali (Kayes Diocese, Sagabari Parish) until 2010.
Since 2010, I am doing my Theology and stay at the Small Group of formation in Kinshasa. I made my oath on the 3rd May 2013 and I became deacon on 26th May 2013. I was happy to come to Zambia for my holydays after my third year of Theology. I have been welcomed by Kabwata Good Shepherd community in Lusaka. I must say that I spent a very nice time there. My aim was to better know the Zambian people and improve my knowledge of English.
Father Vitalis Dero introduced the church congregation saying: “Emmanuel is here to learn English not Nyanja or Bemba. Please, force him to speak English”. My experience in Kabwata was very beneficial. I could meet many children, participate in youth and vocation groups as well joining the Parish Council Team meetings. I could also visit prisoners and sick people. For mass, I could help a bit and learn more about the celebration of baptism. I am very happy with my stay in Lusaka. Now, time has come to go back to DRCongo and finalise my fourth year of theology.
Thanks to the Provincial, Father Christopher Chileshe, to SAP Province and especially Kabwata Good Shepherd community for welcoming me so nicely.
May God bless you and all your numerous pastoral activities!
Thank you very much.
Imani Mwanga Mwanga Emmanuel, M.Afr
Small Group of Formation in Kinshasa

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