Death of Father Johan Heuves in the Netherlands

johan_heuves_modifié-1Father Johan Heuves (30-4-1930) died this morning at 09.30 (17-8-1913) at the age of 83 after a long sickness.
He was a missionary in Malawi, came back home for health reasons (Parkinson), he then worked for two years in the Parish of Lage Mierde in the Netherlands, and then left for St. Charles, Heythuysen, where he lived for 11 years till his death.
On Thursday afternoon 22-8-2013 at 14.30 hours, we will celebrate the Mass of thanksgiving for his life, followed by burial on our M.Afr Cemetery at Heythuysen, St Charles.
Wim Wouters, M.Afr, Sector Superior

25/04/1960        Learning the language; Katete CELA, D. Mzuzu Malawi
13/10/1962        Curate in Nkhamenya, D. Mzuzu
08/09/1963        Curate in Deep Bay (= Chirumba)
09/01/1965        Diocesan Bursar in Mzuzu
30/06/1967        Director Junior Seminary in Rumphi
05/07/1971        Curate in Mzimba
01/01/1973        Diocesan Bursar in Mzuzu, Katoto
01/01/1975        Curate in Katete, D. Mzuzu Malawi
01/01/1976        Diocesan Bursar in Mzuzu, Katoto
28/02/1979        Session-Retreat in Jérusalem
01/01/1980        Regional Councillor
01/01/1982        Curate in Katete, D. Mzuzu Malawi
01/01/1984        Diocesan Bursar ad interim in Mzuzu, Katoto
01/01/1985        Bursar: Junior Seminary Rumphi, D. Mzuzu Malawi
01/12/1988        Lilongwe, Regional House Malawi
22/04/1990        Chaplain Expatriates Msamba, D. Lilongwe Malawi
10/11/1992        Chaplain Expatriates Lilongwe, Regional House Malawi
30/08/1999        Back to the Province Vaassen in the Netherlands
01/12/2000        Ministry Lage Mierde in the Netherlands
01/09/2002        Residence Heythuysen
17-08-2013         In the hands of the Lord, Heythuysen in the Netherlands

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