Death of the mother of Belete Fanta Lemma – Ethiopia

Belete_Fanta_LemmaToday at 17 hours, from Ethiopia, Bonaventure Mashata sent us a message telling us that the mother of Father Belete Fanta Lemma has passed away 45 days after the death of his father. This is sad news indeed!

We can imagine how difficult it might be for our beloved friend Belete. Let us pray for him, for his mother and father and the entire family.

Updates, 31st August 2013

Dear confreres,

Indeed I have lost both parents in a very short period of time. I have nothing to say but to accept the reality of life and thank God for the gift of my parents. They were everything for me but now I have nothing except Jesus Christ. My father died at the end of June on the 29th at the age of 96. My mother died on the 16th of August at the age of 84 after being sick for only two days. During the funeral of my father, her beloved husband, she was praying to God to be reunited with her husband. Her prayer was fulfilled after fifty days. They were married for 68 years. I am sure that now she is happy with her husband and with the Lord.

Dear Confreres, thank you very much for your encouragement and prayer. Please continue to pray for me and my family members.

May God bless you.

Your’s Belete

3 thoughts on “Death of the mother of Belete Fanta Lemma – Ethiopia

  1. Joseph Francis Makoka

    Greetings from Lilongwe-Malawi
    It is with deep sorrow that we have come to learn of the sad news of the death of the mother of our dear confrere Belete Fanta Lemma. We are at heart with you and the entire family including all those people greatly afflicted.
    Be assured of our humble prayers at your intention and that of your family, relatives and friends.
    May our dear good Lord welcome the mother of Belete in His Eternal Kingdom. Amen!
    Pepani! Pepani! Pepani!
    Joseph Francis Makoka, M.Afr

  2. Jean-Bosco Masaba Wa Masaba

    Mes chers frères, mes condoléance pour les décès des parents de notre confrère Fanta. Que Dieu soit avec la famille dans cette dure épreuve. Nous prions pour la famille.
    Jean-Bosco Masaba Wa Masaba

  3. John ITARU. M.Afr

    Dear Belete! It is indeed not easy to accept such challenges in life thought there is much we can do ones it has happened apart from entrusting everything in Gods hands! My sincere prayers to you and condolences to your family! United in prayer.

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