Zambia: Catholics Deny Patriotic Front Link

Zambia ReportsBy Peter Adamu, 13 August 2013 
The Catholic Church says the perception that they are Patriotic Front inclined is untrue and that they will continue speaking for the voiceless.
Zambia Episcopal Conference spokesperson Father Paul Samasumo said the fact that some members of the Catholic Church were PF inclined did not mean that it was the position of the church.
“The ZEC has noted with concern that in recent weeks, there have been accusations and attacks alleging that the Catholic Church in Zambia has abandoned its role of speaking for the voiceless, the poor and marginalised on the wrong public perception that the Church is loyal to or favours the Patriotic Front and its leadership,” said Samasumo in a statement.
“The Catholic Church in Zambia, as elsewhere in the world, is made up of members that belong to diverse political party affiliations. Therefore, ZEC, in its official capacity, does not and cannot champion any single political candidate even if that candidate were a faithful son of the Church.”
He said, “In this regard, any hint of partisan politics by a priest or a Bishop through the media or from the pulpit is wrong. It is wrong because the God whom we preach about and serve welcomes everyone in spite of political affiliations.”

During his campaign for the presidency PF leader Michael Sata played the Catholic card as he is a member and some priests openly rendered their support to him but with the PF falling short of expectations the Catholic church has been conspicuously missing raising concern among the neutrals.

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