Pastoral visitation within Lumimba Parish

Our visit to the outstations during the dry season normally begins on Thursday and ends on Sunday. Besides visiting families, we pray with the sick, hear pastoral issues and give various courses to catechumens and Christian leaders.

Zambia Wildlife Authority logoIn this Year of Faith, we are also adding activities such as sports challenging even Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) camps. Moreover, we pay a visit to Chiefs or join in community funerals. At times, we sing and chat in the evenings around fire. The youth usually prepare songs for Sunday celebrations from Friday till Sunday and camp at the outstation.

Phelim Malumo in Lumimba 02During the rainy season, most of these places are unreachable. We hibernate for about six months going only to a few places around the Parish.

By Phelim Malumo M.Afr

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