Kambwiri : the first Catholic Mission in Chipata Diocese in 1904

Kambwiri 07 - Copie_modifié-1Two weeks ago, I visited Kambwiri (today Chasera) in one of our outstations to see how it looks like.  It was the first mission of the White Fathers in the diocese. I asked Mr Kezyius Phiri, the vice chairperson of Chasera, to accompany me. From about 60km from Lumimba Parish or 2km from the new church of Chasera, it was on this rarely visited spot that the Diocese celebrated its centenary in 2004. A stone was laid as a remembrance. I took a few minutes of prayer and silence to thank for the great men of faith and hope who started this mission in 1904, though they had to close it and leave the valley barely seven months later. This is part of our history connecting us to our ancestors in faith. More about Kambwiri mission can be read in the report of Luangwa Valley written by Fr. Bernhard Udlehoven in 2006. This is an historical place to preserve for future generations.

By Phelim Malumo, M.Afr

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