Missio Inter-Gentes: Challenges and Opportunities

Catholic Missiologists logoFrom July 15 to 21, 2013, some 40 women and men from every continent gathered together in Nairobi, Kenya—at Dimesse House of Spirituality and The Catholic University of Eastern Africa—to attend the Fifth International Conference and General Assembly of the International Association of Catholic Missiologists on the theme, “Missio Inter-Gentes: Challenges and Opportunities.”  This was the first time IACM has met on the continent of Africa and Madagascar. We have been blessed by our gracious hosts, welcomed by the local Archdiocese of Nairobi. As we heard on the first day, there is no word for stranger in Africa, once you enter a house you a member of that house – and we have certainly felt that during our time here. Indeed, we have received a comprehensive African welcome from so many people from different parts of the Continent. We have experienced meaningful and beautiful morning prayer and worship. We have greatly enjoyed the energy and vitality of African worship – where theology is truly Mission Inter Gentessung and danced, where youth and women are making such a significant contribution to liturgical life. We have experienced an abundance of food, which was graciously served. We have enjoyed each other’s company, including our music and songs. We have experienced inspiring and stimulating presentations and reflections as well as excursions to sites that gave us better insight into life in Nairobi, and by extension, into Africa – even the traffic and roads became part of this reflection and facilitated even more conversations! We have been served by the excellent organization of the IACM Executive led by President, Rev Dr Andrew Gimenez Recepcion. These have been days which have been truly memorable. We have been blessed to be invited to take off our shoes and walk on the holy ground of Africa. READ MORE

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