New Football and Netball Teams in Lumimba, Zambia

Football and Netball Teams in LumimbaWe have extended our pastoral involvement to other aspects of human development through sport activities. With enthusiasm, initiative and creativity Fr Frederic Ajaruva Bedijo is supporting the Pastoral Team with the formation of netball and football teams. They are doing very fine. So far, they won most of their matches. Being coach and manager, Fr Frederic expects more victories. All this has been made possible through the generosity of our confreres. In a special way, we would like to convey our thanks to Fr Guido Stuer. His generosity has indeed been acknowledged not only by us but the community as a whole.

Attached are some of the photos of our netball and football teams. In one of them you can see Fr Frederic making strategic plans before a match. Our hope is to reach the District level. We are planning to get involved in other areas of developmental projects in helping our youth with other skills.

Phelim Malumo, M.Afr

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One thought on “New Football and Netball Teams in Lumimba, Zambia

  1. John ITARU. M.Afr

    It is worthwhile Ajaruva! The late Pope JP II, called us to evangelize the youths through their areas of interest! Keep it up, your efforts will not be in vain! Having means is one thing, using them efficiently and effectively is another thing. The challenge remains and it is up to us to overcome it! Go on bandeko!

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