Interview with David Pruett

David Pruett 02David Pruett is the author of the book Reason and Wonder. A Copernican Revolution in Science and Spirit. This interview invites us to a journey of transcending human narcissism. As we deconstruct our egoic mechanisms of control we surrender to our real identity in Christ. 
David PruettThe author says: A thesis of Reason and Wonder is that we humans have embarked upon a third great “Copernican” revolution, now in its infancy. The first, which originated with Copernicus, has redefined our physical place in the cosmos. Copernicanism exploded our perceptions of the physical extent of the universe. The second revolution, which originated with Darwin, redefined our biological place in the cosmos and exploded human perceptions of its temporal extent. I believe that the third “Copernican” revolution will ultimately redefine our psychical (or spiritual) place in the cosmos. Moreover, I believe that, like its predecessors, it will explode our perceptions of the depth and reach of consciousness within the cosmos.
The journey of transcending human narcissism: Awakening to our Real Identity (Part 1)
The journey of transcending human narcissism: Awakening to our Real Identity (Part 2)
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Diaconate May 19, 2013, Kinshasa

Remi Nyengere 08The Lord has done marvels, holy is his Name!
Coming to the end of my third year in theology, I remembered our favourite slogan when I was at Mlale Minor Seminary in Lilongwe Archdiocese, Malawi: “I run strait towards the goal.” It’s very surprising to see that many years have gone since I left Mlale but these words still remain engraved in me.
I made my final oath on the 2nd May followed by my ordination as a deacon two weeks after. Nevertheless, I continue meditating upon the same slogan: “I run strait towards the goal.” Thanks to you all who accompany me up to where I am today : my parents, my brothers and sisters, the members of the entire Nyengere family, my formators starting from the moment I was aspiring up to the moment I made my final oath and all the family friends who kept me in their prayers. My missionary life has just begun. Therefore, I continue imploring for your prayers so as to remain strong in my drive to discover how best to serve the Lord.
Remi Nyengere, M.Afr
The ordination took place at Marie Auxiliatrice Parish, Commune de Masina, Kinshasa, by Mgr Edouard Kisenga, auxiliary Bishop of Kinshasa.
SAMSUNGFrom left to right, on the picture:
Deacon David Doo Songo from Nigeria, Deacon Michel Ouedraogo from Burkina Fasso, Father Tshibangu Fortunat, Deacon Emmanuel Imani Mwanga Mwanga from DRC, Deacon Remi Nyengere from Zambia and Deacon Bernard Ndiritu Gachuru from Kenya.

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