The next book of Evans K. Chama

Evans ChamaSome time this year Serge presented on this blog my bookA Woman Like Mum, which is the second book after We Fought Wrong Fight, published in 2008. He asked me if there is another book coming, to write a few lines about it. Indeed, another one is coming and I want to present it here.
The working title is Rule of the Boorish. In this book I reflect on some elements that constitute our democracy in Zambia, concentrating especially on abuses, misconceptions that keep our Democracy immature and barren. There are five chapters.
In the first chapter I pose a question: Is Democracy the system of government best suited for Zambia today?  We would also say, are Zambians ready for democracy? Here I make some reflections on events or cases that have made and are still making mockery of our democracy, from the point of view of politicians and also from that of the Zambian general public.
The second chapter, The sickness of our democracy, deals with our today’s crop of politicians, formation of political parties, Elections, Candidates, Campaigns, and voters: how do these elements, as we experience them in Zambia, render our democracy a sham?
Tribes as chronic Ulcer of Zambia, in this third chapter I dare to accuse our tribal identities as a rot in our democracy. The tribal organisation and its dynamics are an opposing force to national identity, and certainly do not render a good service to democracy. Here, I tackle also the question o f tribalism.
The fourth chapter: Perhaps It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Chiefs. Traditional authority is one institution that feeds on tribal identity and sometimes opposed to democracy by its character and manner of operation. Thus, either this institution accepts a thorough transformation or loses its place in today’s society.
In the fifth chapter I deal with something a bit off the line of democracy, Development. Here I propose a perspective of development in which everyone finds one’s place regardless of the work, business involvement or place. It is a people-propelled kind of development, and not the one brought by the government and often from without. Here, the government has only the role of facilitator, animator and motivator. Hence, it is not development or economic growth known only by intellectuals on paper but rather a development in the life of the people themselves based on local resources both material and human.  
By the Rule of Boorish I am essentially proposing a forum, a debate, on our democracy in order to shape it ourselves in the manner that it answers our Zambian needs. With such background, I feel great liberty to throw out ideas without much inhibition for it is all about soliciting debate and exchange of ideas.
Well, Serge, this is the book project I’m working on. I cannot say when it will come out for there is still a rework to be done and as well as finding the funds for publishing.
Evans K. Chama, M.Afr

One thought on “The next book of Evans K. Chama

  1. John ITARU. M.Afr

    Congratulation for your efforts! We need people who can joint down their experiences! God bless!

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