Tragic death of Martinus Balemans

Martin_balemansDear brothers and sisters,
It is with great sorrow that I announce to you the tragic death of our brother Martin Balemans which occurred this afternoon.
Martin went swimming late morning as he usually does. At about 12:30 he was passing through Tamale town with his driver. He asked his driver to stop in town so that he buys something. They packed at normal packing place and Martin wanted to cross the road. He took care to pass at the pedestrian grossing. All the cars stopped to give way, but a young man who was riding a motorbike did not stop and accidentally hit  Martin who fell, hitting his head on the asphalt.
He was immediately transported to the Tamale teaching hospital. This happened at about 12:40. I was informed at around 13:00, and I rushed to the Hospital. The diocesan bursar arrived there before me and anointed Martin.  When I got there, Martin was not conscious, and there were over 10 Doctors and many Nurses around him doing all they could to save him. Unfortunately, at about 14:00 Martin was declared died. There were a good number of priests present when he died.
We shall be meeting tomorrow and the days to come to plan for the funeral. We shall keep you informed as regards to the funeral arrangements. Let us keep our dear Martin in our prayers.
Our sincere condolences go to his family and friends. We shall all miss him a lot.
Yours in sorrow,
Dominic Apee
Provincial of Ghana/Nigeria

3 thoughts on “Tragic death of Martinus Balemans

    1. Smith

      With heartfelt sympathy may his soul rest in peace, Comfort to all the family and friends in this midst of pain!

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