An AA Dream

Guido_Stuer1Coming closer to the end of his trip to Zambia, as a way to express his gratitude to everyone who welcomed him so nicely, Guido Stuer is offering this poem as a reminder that God loves us all.
I dreamed one night I passed away,
And left this world behind.
I started down that lonely trail
Some of my friends to find.
I came to a signpost on the trail
The directions it did tell:
TURN LEFT to go to HELL.
I hadn’t been too good on earth,
Just a hopeless boozing rake,
And knew there at the crossroads
The path I’d have to take.
So I started on that rocky path
That leads to Satan’s place;
And I shook within not knowing
Just what I’d have to face.
Old Satan met me at the gate,
“What is your name, my friends?”
I said, “I’m just old sober Sam
That’s come to a sad end”.
He glanced through some yellow files,
“You’re listed as an ALCOHOLIC,
We do not want you here.”
I said, “I’m looking for my friends,”
And a smile stole o’er his face.
“If your friends are alcoholics
They’re in the other place.”
So I went back the way I came
Till the crossroads I did see.
Then turned right to Heaven
As happy as could be.
St. Peter smiled and said: “come in,
For you I have a berth.
You are an alcoholic.
You’ve been through hell on earth.”
I saw al Dud and old Pat too.
Rill R. and a friend called Bell.
And brother I was tickled
‘Cause I thought they’d gone to hell.
So brothers all take warning,
Learn something from my trip.
You’re got a place in heaven
If you try hard not to slip.
If someone tempts you with a drink
When you’re not feeling well,
Tell him you’ve going to heaven
And he can go to hell!