Readings for Religious Education Teachers

“Here is a selection of useful quotations about various aspects of Religious Education, both for those studying for a certificate, diploma or degree and for those already in the classroom. This is not a course, but a handful of hints.
This book is a timely addition to the Religious Education materials available in Zambia. It allows us to draw on the wisdom of others.”
Contents: spirituality, religion (including African Traditional Religion, inculturation – contextualisation, pluralism), education (including commitment and faith) religious education (including maturity and concepts), attitudes and skills of students, special skills (including critical thinking, symbolism and Ecumenical empathy), teaching strategies ( including attitude for creativity and motivation), morality (including teacher’s role), assessment (including knowledge as understanding), cross fertilization (history, geography, science, literature, sport and arts).
RE_0001“The essence of African morality is that it is more societary than spiritual; it is a morality of conduct rather than a morality of being. It defines what a person does rather than what he is. Kindness is not a virtue unless someone is kind; murder is not evil until someone kills another person in his community. Man is not by nature either good or evil except in terms of what he does or does not do. (J.S. Mbiti in “African Religions & Philosophy” Heinemann 1969:213)
Readings for Religious Education Teachers
Compiled by J. Henze, Published by the Copperbelt Religious Education Development Unit, Mission Press, Ndola, Zambia, 2000, 106 pages.
This book in on sales at Woodlands, Lusaka.