Follow up of Patrice Sawadogo’s surgery in India

Just to inform you that the surgery went on well. I was operated on Wednesday. Doctor discovered that I have a kidney problem following the amount of pain killers and antibiotics I have been taking in Africa. My case was then handed over to the kidney department. After investigation, the doctors gave a green light for the knee surgery. According to them, the low kidney was not going to affect the surgery. But, there is strong necessity to deal with it after it. Otherwise, it may threaten my life seriously.
I was discharged few minutes ago. The physiotherapy department people will be attending to me right here in my room to carry on what they have started right after the operation.
Thanks for your support, care, and prayers. 

Patrice Sawadogo Rayimwendé, M.Afr

Human trafficking conference in South Africa, April 9 – 12, 2013

CTIP Human Trafficking LogoA Human Trafficking Conference, organized by Sr. Melanie O’Connor HF, Coordinator of the Counter Trafficking in Persons Office (CTIP) of the LCCL/SACBC, took place at The Good Shepherd Retreat Centre Haartbeespoort from the 9th till the 12th April 2013. During the Conference there was the launch of the TRUCKERS AGAINST HUMAN TRAFFICKING” campaign for which we congratulate FRUIT SPOT as being the first trucking company to engage in this project. Various speakers exposed the dangers of human trafficking, pointing out that truckers can play a significant role in safeguarding victims and potential victims in transportation by reporting offenders sometimes encountered especially at truck stops.
The role of the Church in the pastoral care of truck drivers who face long and hazardous journeys was emphasized. It was stressed that the Church should move from its traditional way of evangelization of waiting for people in church buildings to the new evangelization emphasized in the recent African Synod. Africa has become a continent where millions of people are either willingly or unwillingly daily on the move thus transforming African roads and streets into privileged places of evangelization and education. Therefore our Church should be seen as the Church on the Move.
The presence of over 15 Police units who man the borders of the Northern Cape was acknowledged and highly appreciated by all present as a source of strength in the fight against Human Trafficking. With many of the participants coming from different African countries and representatives from different agencies – NPA, US Embassy etc., religious and lay people, it became obvious that  networking is central to the success of the fight against this hydra-headed evil of our time.
One of the outcomes of the Conference was the commitment of each member to further the Truckers against Human Trafficking campaign in their various regions and countries.
A  COUNTER TRAFFICKING NETWORK COMMITTEE (CTNC) was established for easy and effective communication.
Sent in by: Sr. Melanie O’Connor (South Africa), Sabina Namfukwe (Zambia), Sr. Patricia Ebegbulem (Nigeria)
Picture below: participants of the Conference
Human trafficking conference SA 2013

Sister Sabina Namfukwe and her fight against human trafficking in Zambia

Human trafficking 20
Sabina NamfukweI am Sister Sabina Namfukwe, I belong to the Congregation of the Sisters of the Child Jesus. I am working at the Zambia Catholic University in the Copperbelt Province as Matron for both boys and girls. I am in charge of their accommodation. I learnt so much on human trafficking and sexual abuse that I am failing to keep quiet about it. I do a lot of awareness as I visit and meet them in their boarding houses.
Due to poverty, some of our young people are hungry and thirsty for sponsorships to study abroad. There are a lot of fake sponsors around. Some boys and girls have gone missing from school, no communication to their parents or anybody. Only God knows where they have disappeared. I just help them to make informed choices in case someone approaches them and talks about sponsorships. They should know how to analyse and know the difference between a genuine sponsor and a fake one.
Recently, I got some pamphlets from the Missionaries of Africa community in Kitwe and I distributed them immediately. Also, I have been invited to participate in an international conference in Pretoria South Africa on Anti-Human Trafficking Campaign and Truck drivers in African countries. After it, I intend to extend my sensitization campaign to primary, secondary and high schools around our University because some of the pupils can also be potential victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking.
Sister Sabina Namfukwe
Below: drawings from a poster illustrating various forms of human trafficking.

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