Administrator’s Easter Message – Mansa Diocese

Watch for the new thing I am going to do. It is happening already. You can see it now” (Is. 43, 19; 5th Sunday of lent)
We are reminded that our God, is the God of surprises, of the unexpected as shown from recent events in the Catholic Church.
First there was the unexpected resignation of Benedict XVI. Then the unity of the Cardinals in Conclave who elected Cardinal Mario Bergoglio from Argentina. The choice of the name Francis. The humility and simplicity in the approach of Pope Francis, has raised many expectations throughout the Church.
At the same time there is continuity in the Church. We remain committed to the Year of Faith introduced by Benedict the Pope emeritus.
As a diocese are we focussed enough on the task at hand? Beliefs in witchcraft and in Satanism are weakening the faith in Zambia. What are we doing to eradicate or at least to weaken the belief in and the fear of witches and evil spirits? How can we change a culture of suspicion, fear and false accusations which are the bedrock of this belief? In the Church, the people of God, we need to promote a culture of respect, mutual trust and co-operation, which can replace one of suspicion and false accusations.
Satanism has been introduced and spread in Zambia by the Pentecostals. Unfortunately some of our charismatic members have inadvertently been stressing the presence of Satan in our world, and promoting the fear of Satanism. The exaggerated use of the Prayer of Deliverance has also contributed to this belief.  We need to closely accompany the members of the charismatic movement, to encourage them but also to intervene when and if they step out of catholic doctrine.
Do we believe that the Year of Faith can make a difference and bear fruit in our diocese?
Watch for the new thing I am going to do” God is at work but counts on our active participation. Let us Michiel_Merizzi_01continue to recite the prayer for the Year of Faith in our parishes and in our communities.
May the Peace and Joy of the Risen Lord fill your hearts and enable you to see the grace of God at work amongst us.
Very. Rev. Fr. Mike Merizzi. M Afr
Apostolic Administrator – Mansa Diocese

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