Balaka Drama Group – Antislavery

Let us break the chains LogoLechaptois (Balaka) Drama Group – 125 Anniversary of Cardinal Lavigerie’s Antislavery Campaign
As part of the Malawi Sector’s commemoration of the Cardinal’s Antislavery Campaign the M.Afr students in the SAP First Cycle will come to Lilongwe on Monday on 25th March to perform two short plays and a poem at two venues: St Francis Parish and Crossroads Hotel.
Luntha TV will be there to film the plays and discussion on Tuesday.  They will air it and we hope to have a DVD that can be circulated.
Everyone is welcome both at St Francis and Crossroads. 
The events will take place as follows:
Date: Monday 25th March 2013
Time: 3-5.30 p.m.
Venue: New Hall, St Francis, Kanengo, Lilongwe (A25).
Programme: 1. Play 1 – “Cheap Labour”- slavery in the past. 2. Poem – Africa, where are you? 3. Play 2 – “The Changed Identity of Slavery” – slavery / human trafficking in the present. 4. Discussion.
Date: Tuesday 26th March 2013
Time: 6-8.30 p.m.
Venu: The Auditorium, Crossroads Hotel, Lilongwe (A3)
Programme: 1. Welcome – by MC Wisdom Chimgwede. 2.
Opening Prayer. 3. Introduction – Bill Turnbull. 4. Play 1 – “Cheap Labour”- slavery in the past. 5. Poem – Africa, where are you? 6. Play 2 – “The Changed Identity of Slavery” – slavery / human trafficking in the present. 7. Link – just a few words. 8. Panel and open discussion. 9. Closing remarks. 10. Closing prayer. 11. Drinks and snacks.

7 thoughts on “Balaka Drama Group – Antislavery

  1. tomas miguel jallet

    We are all eagerly to show off of what we young and aspirant missionaries are capable of doing. see you there………………………….vai pegar fogo……………..vai ficar pequeno…………..aguardem por nos

  2. Jacqueline

    I did not watch the play am just reading about it on the website as am looking for some other information, but this is a very good idea. we need to sensitize people to see the link so that they do not think that slavery existed long time ago and is over yet today it does exist in other forms. Thank a lot.

    1. tomas miguel jallet

      As followers of Christ under the charism founded by Lavigerie, we had to do something on this account. We believe that the more people are informed the less they will be affected by this changed evil. In our various apostolates, we encounter people or rather citizens who are not at all informed. We vow to continue to disseminate this information to the one by one we encounter. We thank as well the province and in particular the sector of Malawi for having confidence on us. Zikomo kwambiri mwakoma nonse.

  3. Mike Mawelera

    All went well and appreciated by all. However, TV Luntha was a let-down because they came late for the show, and when they arrives they had forgotten the films at their guesthouse. Mike Mawelera

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